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    Bruce Egnater_Amp Building Classes

    The amp building classes for 2016 are full. Thanks for a successful decade of sharing knowledge. Our first class next year is March 4/5th, 2017. Already starting to book. If you missed this in past, here is your chance. A fantastic learning experience and you build a great amp. Jamie is playing...
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    Added a Technotes section to the website

    Check it out.
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    Still have time.....

    Both the September and October classes are now booked, sorry. We are doing another class on November 5/6th so all is not lost. Email me at or visit Also, for those of you who cannot attend a class, we offer the identical amp in a DIY kit. Comes with...
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    Amp kits!!!

    The amp kits are now happening. Literature with pricing and options etc. is available if you email me at This first group is a limited pilot run. If you want in on it, you best act fairly quickly. Both 20 watt and 50 watt versions will be available. December 1, 2015 delivery...
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    Summer class in August

    For those of you who could not make the last class, the weekend of August 8th and 9th are the dates in Berkley, MI again. Planning to keep it small and limit to only 4 students. Email me at for info. Cost is $1650 (same as last time) and you build a really cool, 20 watt (2x6V6)...
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    Here for you

    Sorry I have not been diligent in answering all you forum questions. With all the different forums, Facebook etc. I just can't keep up. If you want to get a hold of me, email me at
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    Amp Building Class_still time..

    Not too late to get in on the Amp Building Class on March 14/15th in Berkley Michigan. Email me soon if you are interested at
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    Amp Head Switchers

    Thinking about doing a small run of our SS4 head switchers. Does four heads into one cabinet. MIDI controlled and has a line out mixer. Interest? Bruce Egnater
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    November Amp Build Class

    Last two day amp building class until sometime next year is on November 8/9, 2014. Location is at Advanced Lighting and Sound in Troy, Michigan. You will build a fantastic sounding 20 watt (2x6V6 tubes), hotrodded Marshall style head. Please email me at for information and...
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    Custom Shop

    After all these years, I am considering starting up the custom build/modification shop again. Not repairs but a place you can make your ideas a reality. sounds like fun? Thanks Bruce Please don't read anything about Egnater into this. FYI, I live in Detroit where I do all the...
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    September Amp Class Chicago!

    Class this weekend was great fun. Nice to see everyone again and to make new friends.
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    New Head switcher

    Working on a new design, handmade, 2 heads into 1 cabinet switcher. Unique, transformerless output buffers, silent switching. Estimated direct price around $350. Interest? Suggestions? Thanks Bruce
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    Gordy's Guitar Show in Michigan

    Next Sunday (June 1). Frank and I will be there with tons of amp and guitar parts. Come early.
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    Amp school>>>>>>>>>

    >>>> Here is the official announcement for the “advanced”, 2 day, amp class to be held in Royal Oak, Michigan on Saturday and Sunday, June 21/22, 2014. It is not a building seminar so you won’t be building an amp. This is two days of learning about how amps work and how to build and modify them...
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    Chicago show

    Is this a popular show that a lot of players go to?
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    Amp building class_April

    Planning to start up the amp building classes in the spring (April-ish). Considering taking it "on the road". Don't want to ship all the stuff we need to bring so locations need to be within driving distance from Detroit, MI. Suggestions? Chicago? Nashville? New York? Sounds like a great time...
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    Amp class?

    Considering starting up the amp building classes in April? Interested?
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    Pedal classes. Date change

    The classes scheduled for 11/30 and 12/1 have been changed. We will be offering one class only on Saturday Dec 7, 2013. or email me at
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    Seminar head. Make offer?

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    Fall amp class

    Thinking about offering an amp class or two in November. Anyone interested? Email me