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    Vince Neal falls off stage (video)

    You say it's your birb-bay. Well it's my birb-bay too, yeah.
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    VHT Pittbull CL clips!

    What a ripper! :cool:
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    Vince Neal falls off stage (video)

    I wonder what he eats.
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    Let see pictures of your pets

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    Got my first car with balls

    I'd save up and trade up for a scat pack car. I've done upgrades on pretty much every car I have ever owned and it would be sweet to get something bone stock that delivers the goods without the hassle of the upgrades.
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    David Lee Roth is Retiring After His Last 5 Upcoming Shows in Las Vegas

    He continued to harsh everyone's mellow.
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    13 Seconds in the Life of DBN

    The challenge this time of year is avoiding the sugar beet trucks. ☠️
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    Sunday recording fuckery.. Sig-X

    Sounds like you put some serious work into this, sounds good!
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    13 Seconds in the Life of DBN

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    Chef Proves McDonald's Burgers Aren't Food

    Back in the 80s I was dating a pair of ladies who worked at McDonalds. They said that before the burgers were cooked they were white as a ghost as the primary ingredient was soy.
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    VHT Pittbull CL clips!

    Blistering! :alien:
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    Sunday recording fuckery... Bogner Uberschall Rev Green + Fryette PS100 (vid)

    Sounds like a break from recording did you good, as this sounds excellent! And that Fryette, pretty much everyone who gets one says it's a game changer/purchase of the year. Glad you dig it.
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    Official Car Thread

    Last cruise night of the year.
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    Any LTD love here?

    I had one for 11 years then she burned up a few weeks ago. :cry:
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    Diezel Herbert MK1 thru a VHT 412

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    Facebook Jail

    A place for soy slurping shit-cunts.
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    Offical Book Thread?

    I'm about halfway through "When Man and Soy Collide: The History of Soy and Soy Based Food Products".
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    Help me pimp this cheap POS guitar i got for free

    Money shot!
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    Help me pimp this cheap POS guitar i got for free

    Punch a hole clean thru it.