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    Revv Generator 120 MKIII

    Damn, these new Mark III's sure pack a lot of features and updates. Might jump on one!!!!!! I am a huge fan of Revv, love my 120 MkII. The most versatile head i ever had. Peters and Revv are my 2 favorite amps i owned. Articulate, tight, saturation is perfect and can use any tubes you throw at...
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    WTB. Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Red flame top with maple fingerboard. Like this one. I have the blue and want the red also. There is also a purple bit that would be my second choice. Thanks. :rock:
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    Fortin Demanufacture head !!!!

    Hmmmmm, so intriguing!!!!!! Just heard of that from Dino on Coffee With Ola..... Anybody have any info on this? ctgrH5_iGug Around the 8:00 mark he talks about his old Marshall and how they copied a version of it with Mike Fortin (the original was stolen). Towards the end he mentions it...
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    Fortin Evil Pumpkin

    I am amazed there are no threads about Jason’s new amp!!!! I am seriously considering one. Anybody have opinions? Hands on experience from NAAM? :rock:
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    WTB Boss DC-2W

    Pretty self explanatory. I want a mint DC-2W. Of course at the best price possible!!!! Lol Chris
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    Can the BE 100 DLX clean channel.....

    Get as clean as the previous version? I need a really clean clean,zero breakup. Thanks.
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    Anybody hear about the new Yamaha THR30!!!!

    Looks damn cool. Wireless, integrated battery, like 17 amps, bluetooth..... Etc.... Still digging my 10x. Play it daily. It is my most used amp, sounds killer. StoO1DkhVKI I want one!!!!!!
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    Fuck Reverb

    I bought a Boss EQ200 on Reverb yesterday morning, paid on the spot. I receive a refund from the guy tonight, around 7 PM or so, says he sold it locally and he is sorry for the incovenience. He contacted Reverb and they authorized the refund???? WTF!!! I bought it first, while it was an active...
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    WTB Boss EQ200

    Yep, i want one. Thanks, Chris
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    Need help on relay switching with my BE.

    I am using my G system as my brain in my rack. I want to use the relay switching function to switch channels on my BE. I tried but can't seem to make it work. When i scroll through the relay postions in the G system, at some point it changes the channels, from clean,BE or HBE. I then save the...
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    WTB EVH 50 watts headcover.

    If anyone has one they dont use, i will grab it of you. I bought the amp to do shows and drag around, i want to protect it the best i can. Thanks, Chris
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    Need help on a trade. EBMM EVH

    Ok, i am so not certain about doing this. A guy wants to trade me a natural EBMM EVH for my purple non faded one. I know the natural is more rare as they made less but non faded purple ones are hard to come by also. Both are almost mint. The natural has more birdseye in the neck, mine is a...
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    White Knobbed BE100!!!!!!

    Hmmm, i think i like it. I am a sucker for white knobs......
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    Friedman BE100 clip. Suicide Solution

    Friedman BE100 through a VHT 4x12 and a EVH 4x12. BE channel, gain at 3/4, voice switch on. Live sound with a bit of detune and reverb/delay. Peavey Wolf with stock pups. Could of used a tad more gain to induce feedback more easily but, i dont like too much gain. Also quite loud, bout 9h30 on...
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    WTB Boss DC-2 Dimension C Waza

    Yup, sold my original when i was a stupid teen, wanted one ever since. Might have a Source Audio as trade. Not 100% sure on this but..... Thanks
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    FS ESP Alexi Laiho Scythe

    Scythe model, ESP Japan. Not an LTD. Tip of horns where damaged, repaired them but the color is off a little bit, hard to see or notice. Some yellowing in a couple spots, normal for white guitars, looks cool to me. Has been my favorite for a long time but i need to sell some guitars, just too...
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    WTB Ibanez RGD 3127 7 String

    :yes: Looking for one of these. Might have my RG1527 Galaxy white to trade,mint. But wanna buy one anyways. Orange or white. Thanks, Chris
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    WTB Foxrox Octron 3

    Like the tittle says, looking for one these. Hit me up. Thanks, Chris
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    Radial Engineering Headbone VT

    Switches two heads via one cab. Works great. Perfect for AB testing heads or to switch between a clean and dirty amp. Bought it mainly to AB but i also have the switchbone and just got another EVH cab so i can AB with both EVH cabs. Pedal is in perfect condition, dare i say mint!!!! Comes with...
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    Anybody remember Derek Taylor!!!!

    Still have my cassette of his Shrapnel years. What a monster player man. Here is a lesson of sorts he was giving. Man, he knows his theory and his techniques are so advanced. This is old school shit. QwJF5xxueyY Love that guy.