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    Using extension cab with Tourmaster 4212

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I want to make sure I don't blow the power transformer. I want to hook up my Tourmaster 2x12 cab to my Tourmaster 4212 so I can use all the speakers. The cab is 8 ohms (mono) and the combo is 8 ohms. When I hook the cab to the second speaker out, I'm...
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    Egnater Vengeance not working correctly

    Okay, so now, initially I had a problem with the footswitch not changing channels. I found a mic cable that worked with it. Not all my mic cables I tried worked with it. So, that was remedied. NOW, when I went to practice, the amp didn't make sound, the fan wasn't working and the...
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    Vengeance footswitch

    Am having problems with changing channels. The footswitch works and lights up and I've tried sever different XLR cables, but it doesn't change from clean to OD channel all the time. Is there a way to change the channel without the footswitch in case I'm at a gig or am I stuck on the clean...
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    Egnater Vengeance Tube swapping

    Quick question, Mr. Egnater. I have the Vengeance and like the sound, but I wanted to swap the 6L6's for EL34's. I haven't heard anything back from the website's tech support, so thought I'd ask here. Do I have to to switch all four tubes or can I just change a pair of matched tubes? By...