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    FS: Friedman NoHo 24 Reseda Green

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    Advice Wanted re. First Wizard - MTL mkII or MCII

    Any one play the MTL Mark II with the mid sweep vs the old MTL vs the MC series? Mike, did your hybrid have the mid sweep? I was thinking the mid sweep might get the MTL II somewhat closer to the MC.
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    FS: Friedman NoHo 24 Reseda Green

    Grover Jackson built beauty!
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    Wizard MC II mic'd vid/clip, going for a brighter tone this time using Gibson LP DC

    Very nice! What effect do you feel the contour has in different positions?
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    FS: Friedman NoHo 24 Reseda Green

    Short scale shredder right here!
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    FS: Friedman NoHo 24 Reseda Green

    For sale is a Friedman NoHo 24 in Reseda Green in excellent+ condition for $2750. I am the original owner and it has had low hours of home and studio use since I've had it. It is a great sounding guitar but unfortunately, the neck profile doesn't work the best with my playing style so I am...
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    NPRSD - 2002 Singlecut Quilt 10-Top Stunner!

    Killer man, nice score!
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    NAD: Wizard W800

    You're getting close to getting the in your face sound to come across imo. I find that it is difficult to record Wizards in a way that gets that power and in the room sound to come across. I have heard very few clips or youtube vids ,etc. that capture anything close - which is a bummer.
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    New MCII...EL34 vs KT150

    Nice & congrats!! So, about 6 week turnaround time? I'm getting closer to an MTL Mk2 order.
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    Looking for a maple neck super strat w/Floyd

    I've got these two available and I could work on the pricing.
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    Feeling the need for an MCii

    From what I've researched, 88's should be "more clear" across the spectrum with less pronounced mids and tighter bass and possibly enhanced highs. I would agree that it won't sound bad, just different like you're looking for. Keep us updated for sure.
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    Feeling the need for an MCii

    I'm still thinking about what tubes (34's vs 88's) to go with when I order a build in the next few weeks.
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    Going to order a Wizard MTL Mark II - suggestions?

    I'm kind of in the same situation. I'm trying to decide on a new build between a KT 75 MCII, or 75 or 34 MCII/MTL hybrid or maybe straight MTL MkII. What didn't you like about the MTL MKII?
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    Got one: Wizard KT75 or KT150

    Yeah, I wanted to and was going to let him know I'd take his KT75, but then he took it off the market. Ube, I'm still available if you decide to part with it!! :thumbsup:
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    Studio volume problem vs Suhr

    I am starting to record with a local engineer that uses the Suhr Reactive load and we are doing A/B tests vs the Studio to look for the desired tones. To make the comparison more equal the Suhr and studio were run into the two notes WOS which had the same amp and settings making the Suhr and...
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    Cap edge on the Studio?

    Where should I set the Center setting at for the dust cap edge of the speaker when using the Torpedo Studio?
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    New Suhr virtual cabs

    Hi, Will the new Suhr cabs be available for individual purchase soon? If so, when is the expected date of availability?
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    Studio Re-amp noise issue

    This is my first attempt to reamp into the torpedo studio. Signal path is focusrite sapphire pro 40 --> black radial reamp box--> (+/- Fortin Zuul) --> Mesa JP2C --> Two notes studio. There is a lot of extra static/noise when trying to reamp. It seems to be mostly an issue with the Studio...
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    Wizard MCI Live clip

    Here's a recent live clip of my band Pleasure to Burn doing one of our more QOTSA/Clutch type songs called Store Bought Paradise. 2013 LP standard w/ Aldrich bridge into a 50 watt Wizard MCI lead channel, gain dimed, volume pretty low between 8-9 o' clock into Splawn 4x12 with Splawn small...
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    Two notes studio problem

    Just wanted to post this to see if anyone here as insight. My Two notes studio is not receiving input somehow. It turns on, the fan runs and I can go through my presets but does not register input or output - i.e. nothing is measuring on the decibel meters and no sound comes out through the...