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  1. Ignoramus

    WTB: EMG 60 - FOUND!!

    Should you have one laying around in your desk drawer unused and bored, let me know. I have a guitar that is screaming for one. Just need the quick-connect pickup. I don't need rings or springs. I'm in OR. Thanks.
  2. Ignoramus

    Please delete

    Please delete.
  3. Ignoramus

    Sold. Please delete.

    Sold. Please delete.
  4. Ignoramus

    Sold - please delete

  5. Ignoramus

    NKAPD (New Kick Ass Preamp Day): Mako MAK 4 pics/clip within

    My recording gear evolves again. A couple of weeks ago, I tried a Blackstar HT5, going the cheap route and thinking 5 watts would be a really useful amount of sound. Fortunately for me, the clean channel crapped out shortly after plugging the amp in, and 5 watts is PLENTY loud (too loud for me...