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    Bogner XTC red mods

    I love the growl you get from the XTC in a drop D AIC groove But i am wondering how one could make it a bit tighter w more upper mid snarl kind of like a Mezzabarba Cross Is this possible and what to change ?
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    Prs waring ce24

    Anyone have or try one of these out? I am curious about them I love the look of PRS guitars and i love the clean tones And neck pickup santanaesqe violin tones But i just have not been able to gel with the bridge Pickup modern rock tones ive played Custom 24. , Ce24 , Mcarty I find they just...
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    What guitar am I looking for

    I am on the hunt for a new guitar And having a tough time Below are some of things that i like Or don’t from what i have tried -I actually prefer bolt on neck -I do not like short scale guitars -I don’t gel w painted neck prefer satin Or unfinished -i would prefer a fixed bridge I have...
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    Balaguer guitars astra model

    Hey All , I am looking at new guitars and the Astra caught my attention . As always when building custom stuff you want to get it right. Since I can't try one out I wanted to check out some guitars locally or compare to some I may have play regarding the neck , what is the ComfyC. Thin D...
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    PRS ordering question

    Hey guys I am thinking of ordering a custom 24 I’ll be honest some of the combinations like gold hardware in the artist package don’t appeal to me BUT Some do Can I substitute things at all Do they have options that are individually priced Say I want a fire red smoke burst but ebony...
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    2019 Namm rumours

    So we are about 3 weeks away and it’s been pretty quiet Other than the new Suhr Pete thorn amp that appears will load IRS and have a reactive load built in Any other info New Ibanez AZ with flame and quilt tops ? New amps ???
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    Prs guitars picky with amps

    Hey all I have recently tried out a few Prsguitars The Ce24 and Cu24 one thing I have noticed is the pickups tend to have a lot of mid honk Maybe it's just the pickups the guitars feel good to play have an awesome clean and neck smooth sustain violin tone But I can't seem to love the bridge...
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    Namm 2018 rumoured new products

    Is about that time of year again ,just posting a thread where we can see what is coming to Namm New Guitars , amp effects . Bogner has the Helios Eclipse and an updated Goldfinger Synergy modular has Fryette ,Engl modules coming as well as they just announced Bogner is now on board I...
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    WTB Prs Holcomb not se

    Probably a long shot but I am looking for the USA signature model in charcoal as first choice Or Holcomburst If selling let me know
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    Synergy Vh4

    Hi Papa So cool to see they have your module Nice to see the dual eqs too So essential is the 2 channels like the 3/4 If I as running this in the 30watt and can't use the KT 77 what power tubes would you recommnd 6l6 el34 or 6ca7 perhaps Cheers
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    2017 Egnater

    Hi Bruce Merry Christmas happy holidays Anything new from Egnater amps in 2017 Or is it just the Synergy collaboration and amp Classes for the immediate future Cheers
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    New Mesa Triple Crown

    It would appear one retailer got excited and posted over the Black Friday weekend Looks legit ... wuPjl0OrbA
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    New Hughes and Kettner

    I know not everyone loves the HK stuff so this may not be huge news but looks like they are getting ready to release and updated Grandmeister likely the Triamp 3 voicing of the Deluxe and new red box, HGIr2R8niRU
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    Too much Marshall

    First off let me say I love Marshall they are great Rock amps ,but does anyone ever just get burnt out talking about them or new Amps modded to sound like well a Marshall It makes me personally want to look elsewhere as I don't want to sound like everyone in the crowd I find it facinating that...
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    DJ Asba -Sixx am

    Is Actually pretty good. I picked up the new Sixx AM "Prayers for the Damned" and the guitar playing on it surprised me . DJ looks a little freaky and glam and does whammy a bit much at times but when he actually does solo ,(which is pretty much every song) he has some very melodic lines...
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    New Egnater amp at Namm ?

    Hey Bruce I know you are involved in Synergy will Egnater show some new designs as well ??
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    Herb CH2 (+)

    Hey all curious as to which of the amps would get closest to the Herb in Ch2 + mode Would it be Dmoll ch2 ,Fokker or Einstein ch1 mega??? Thanks
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    Dear Reinhold

    --Please release the TJ solo jet 70 or a 50 watt version of this amp :rock:
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    Detroit delay and thoughts

    I have to say with the recent introduction of the Mesa MKv 25 and how they are selling like crazy at $1299 I think you guys or the "Higher ups" made a crucial mistake here . It was the right time for this product Your Detroit series with the stage/studio ,headphone out ,verb, Cab sims ,2nd...
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    Overdrive/boost combined w delay in a pedal

    Not sure if this exists but it seems it would be a helpful thing live ,Usually you want to add a bit of drive boost and delay to leads, does anyone make a pedal that does multiple functions in one? It would be nice to have something compact on the board