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    Can't Login

    Every time I try to log in while exploring the DynIR packs (I own most of them) I go through the login process but it always says "Login" and doesn't recognize my previous purchases. I think it's not actually logging me in. I already cleared cache, cookies, all that. Been happening for a few...
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    Dual Mic'ing a Single Cab

    I just saw an article in my email talking about how to dual mic a single cab. I tried this in Wall of Sound since I didn't want to turn my Studio on. But I cannot seem to find how to get a Mic A and B in this interface. The only thing I can do is stack multiple cabs. But the article talks...
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    Torpedo Studio Question about Input Gain Knob

    Hi there, I just bought a brand new Torpedo Studio last week. My signal path is: Guitar -> Axe FX 3 -> Torpedo Studio (via Line-in R/L). I am not using it as a loadbox at the moment. Does the Input Boost knob on the front of the unit effect the input gain when using the speaker input, and...