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    1973 Audio Guild Universal 1x12 & 1x8 7591 tube combo $700 video added

    I'm in a bit of a money jam, and this will get me out of it a lot quicker. This was just serviced by a member of this fourm, recapped, new power tubes, tune up, clean up, etc. complete details, and original parts available. This is basically a 15 watt amp that has 2 duets of 7591s. a...
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    Whats a basic, low priced A/B box?

    I've never been in the market for an a/b box until now, so i very little about them. i need a small, basic, yet good quality, a/b box to switch between by mark IV and my Audio guild Universal combo. any suggestions?
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    FS: Roland Micro cube w/ power supply

    been sitting around unused for too long... was hoping one of my kids would have picked up a guitar by now :) $75 shipped in the lower 48 only. it is missing the tiny plastic piece that covers the tuner button. button still works and can be pushed, just gotta push a little harder. no one uses...
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    marshall swiss cheese 4x12... why?! seriously, is there an acoustical / logical reason to bore holes (or "ports" in this persons mind) in the back of a cabinet like this? am i missing something here? why? :D
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    why are the celestion 75's with the old label like twice as expensive used as the 90's era ones? are they actually different?

    or is it just the age that makes the older ones cost more? my pal has a 1960a with the older ones, i have a 1960a with the newer ones, and i really don't notice a difference, at least with my amp. also... why are the newer labeled ones like the cheapest of all the higher end celestion...
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    1988 OEM EVM 12L $150

    here is the ev. i bought it, used it for a few months in a thiele... sold the thiele empty, now this is for sale by itself. perfect working condition. no issues. prices don't include shipping. plan $20-30ish.
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    C+ Through Mark IV guys, do you use all 6l6's? or el34's in your outer slots?

    i've always gone all 6l6, and i don't even really know why! i guess it just sounded better to me on the cleans especially, but it wasn't exactly night and day. which do you use and why?
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    fs: MIM Fender 4 string active jazz bass deluxe with case. 2007 model. $600
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    thinking about ditching the 496/500's in my explorer. Throw me suggestions

    i'm not sure what i don't like about them, if anything.... i think i'm just ready for a change. i have a boogie mark IV and probably won't be playing it out of anything else, any time soon. So with that said, i like classic metal, classic rock, i like alnico 5's in the 14-16k range...
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    anyone want a vintage "raynor?" must be a rare brand :p :D
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    who has repadded a road case? best materials to use?

    I have a nice anvil case for my boogie mark iv, but the foam is dying from age, and also my kids tore it up. what is the best material to use as padding, and maybe a link to a good source, and an ideal adhesive to use? google leads me into an abyss of decade old threads and ads. so what do...
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    How long before the Boogie studio .22+ prices go through the roof?

    since they're pretty much stripped down mark series amps that can sound pretty damn close. If the mark II, III, and IV price insanity keeps going, i think its only a matter of time... start buying em up folks! :P
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    post your favorite jazz / blues chord progressions to wank over.

    title says it all. could be just writing them out, or posting a jam track. lets hear/see it. i NEED a wank.
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    beat up, yet working boss pedals. dd-3 and mij ge-7. $50 a pop.

    The dd3 is has a broken shaft on the level pot. the stub works, and i have the knob cover still. early Made in Tiawan version. Mij ge-7, sounds great, but is missing the knob covers and the black plastic piece that has the frequencies on it. $50 each plus shipping. these were my...
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    bought a used guitar with a bunch of upgrades, but this is my favorite upgrade...

    600v tone capacitor, baby! ya know, just in case i want to plug this guitar directly into a wall socket :D
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    ebays new payment man!!!?

    ebay requires you to now link up to your bank directly, and not just through paypal. then they "process" the payment, and you don't get it for a few days. sold an item on the 18th, and i won't get the cash until the 21st. No more instant payment, then instant transfer through paypal...
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    fs: wmd parameteric eq. $130 shipped

    fun to pedal to make your rig sound like anything, but i decided i wanted a compressor instead, so i'm selling this. $130 shipped and paypaled in the lower 48.
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    ...maybe i should have asked for more...sold fast!
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    psa... $250 dual recto head...seems fishy tho... lithuanian seller with no feedback, other wise i might take the risk....