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    Bias settings for JJEL844 tubes?

    I am swapping in low-power JJEL844 power tubes and am wondering if the factory bias settings (for JJEL84) will work for them or does it need to be bumped up a bit (the tubes run cool I believe).
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    Is Guitar Center an Egnater Dealer or not?

    the Egnater website lists some Guitar Centers in my state (maryland) as Egnater Dealers but not others. Also people seem to go back and forth on this forum on whether or not GC is still a dealer? I need a repair made and want it done right. thanks
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    large plate preamp tubes?

    I am planning on putting JJ ECC803s tubes in my Rebel 20; I want the detail that comes with a larger plate *but*... it seems to me these tubes are intended for vintage fenders and the like (before the switch to short plate tubes). They use a spiral filament to reduce noise from AC filament...
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    EL844 low power tubes in a Rebel 20?

    I'm thinking about trying out (eurotube's) JJ EL844 (lower power and earlier breakup) in my Rebel 20 in place of the stock JJ EL84's. Since these would be interacting with the 6V6's, does the lower power rating pose any special concerns/problems? thanks
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    tung sol 6v6 with rebel 20 tube mix

    Thinking of swapping the stock JJ 6V6 in my Rebel 20 for Tung Sol, I understand they are a little fuller. However, since Egnater likely had to design the amp to accommodate both the 6V6s and EL84s (i.e. neither may be optimized but a reasonable tradeoff was found so both sound pretty good), I'm...
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    need to bias when swapping in stock-equivalent tubes?

    I have a rebel 20 so fixed bias; of course it's a good idea to re-bias it after changing tubes, but I'm wondering if I were to put in equivalent JJ replacement tubes, as close to stock as possible, is doing a bias strictly necessary? I'm not experimenting or putting in a different brand etc. I...
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    rebel 20 power tube selector issue

    Having an odd problem with a Rebel 20. Upon tube warm-up get a (very) loud uniform hum/buzz, not the usual ground issues etc. Not affected by volume (i.e. preamp tubes) *or* tube mix control (i.e. power tubes?). Not affected by bypassing the preamp and running my guitar directly into the...