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    NAD Haul: Mesa IIC+, Triple Recto, Metal Grill Stack

    Great haul... sold my IIC+ (3 of them) many years ago - and i still have the same 4x12 as yours on the left .. great cabs. Sounds like an awesome Sunday
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    PM sent
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    Marshall Guv'nor pedal

    Huge fan of my original one
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    VHT Pittbull CL clips!

    Sounds chunky!
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    What is the best Les Paul you have ever played?

    Best I've ever played was a 70's standard with P-90s or mini hums, whatever they came with, That guitar just had "it". Best I've owned, believe it or not, was a late 80's or early 90's studio. I regret selling that one. My 77 standard weighs a ton and has been through hell, but it's a good...
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    WTB : Fractal FM3

    makes sense
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    WTB : Fractal FM3

    Schedule? I got one used for steal because of the missing jack. All I did was get a $10 cable, and I can use phones with it
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    WTB : Fractal FM3

    Some of the early ones came without the headphone jack (ask me how I know! :LOL:). Just be aware of that if not buying in person.
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    '82 JCM800 2204 Jose Sound and Look

    That is a great tone! Cool playing too
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    Anyone here still rocking their Baron amps?

    Yeah - those Snott Watts were killer little amps. Miss mine as well. Great clips!
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    So I finally pulled the trigger on a Kemper... (Clips)

    Brett - did you profile your own Cameron, or go with commercially available profiles?
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    Exciting and nerve racking... my 2nd guitar lesson ever!!!

    I'd definitely ask about his rhythm picking.. his right hand is unreal.
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    Sell me a guitar - $1200-1600

    ESP Horizon (not E-II, not LTD). Neck through, Gotoh bridge, string through body.
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    *FS* GMW Maple Strathead

    Message sent
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    I can't add pics, so here is a link to reverb for $1750. Can knock some $ off if done through rig-talk. Specs: Strathead that Lee can no longer make Alder body w/flame maple top Unreal birdseye maple neck & fretboard w/glossy satin finish 1 11/16" nut Non logo'd Duncan Custom in bridge/Duncan...
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    Dead sounding strat - thinking of a Perpetual Burn or AT-1

    I have a single hum superstrat with an older JB in it - it's kind of "muffled" sounding for lack of a better term. I'm looking to liven it up & improve the sound a bit. Doesn't really cut, but not woofy or anything... just sounds like there is a blanket over the speakers compared to other...
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    Henning Cherry Bomb & Bottle rocket

    How much overlap is there in these 2 heads? I know the BR was based on the "Rod" channel of the Cherry Bomb... how "redundant" would it be to have both of these amps... are they too similar to have one of each? Also - with a (recently acquired) Kemper... would it be even MORE redundant since...