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    Two Notes Captor X 8 ohm & 16 ohm mismatch?

    Hello @The Filth As your amp has an 8 Ohms output you will be able to match your amp with the load box in the following 2 cases: - when your amp is connected to the Captor X and no cabinet is connected to the SPEAKER OUT of the Captor X. - when your amp is connected to the Captor X, the cabinet...
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    What happened to blendIR?

    Hello @VESmedic BlendIR download links are available at this page:
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    12 free cabinets offered on Tone Vault

    Hello @Chuffy The Two notes Tone Vault pack is given for free for all Two notes account holders when the user redeems the pack from the website. Once the 12 cabinets in your license, they do not replace any of the existing cabinets you have. You never lose cabinets from your license by getting...
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    Help!I cant login

    Hello @ice-edge The Captcha is independent from the email and password combination. It is a protection against robots that log into websites automatically. If your issue is still ongoing can you please submit a ticket on the Two notes helpdesk ( ? I will be able to ge the...
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    Torpedo Live || What am i doing wrong?

    Hello @TheMisanthropist The issue about only hearing when you playback is linked to the "Direct monitoring" feature of your interface and your DAW. This is independent from the Torpedo Live. As for the heavy distortion, can you please submit a ticket on the Two notes helpdesk so we can...
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    General TN Announcement FYI

    Hello @Ventura many thanks for having shared this major information :)
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    Wos 4.4 Logic / UAD Luna

    Hello @tdiprinzio The software team has replied to your ticket this morning. Can you please see if the solution provided has worked in your case please?
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    Sound quality in CAB M+ through headphones

    Hello Chuffy, I am in touch through the Two notes helpdesk directly with you. I have seen the additional elements you have sent me. I will help you directly through the Two notes helpdesk. Kind regards.
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    Hello MOjo, Thank you for the detailed information.
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    @mojo34 do not hesitate to give us more feedback :)
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    Overload feature on CAB M+

    Hello VladT. No, it is not possible to put the Overload feature in the C.AB. M+. This feature is very heavy on DSP ressources, and the C.A.B M+ does not have enough to handle it.
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    Presets part deux- stock presets in CAB M Remote default presets folders

    @Alathea_Squared I think we were in touch you and me through the helpdesk for the same question. These presets can be used with the C.A.B M+ but as they are not specifically designed for the pedal, it might not give the expected results. You can delete the folders of the other hardware, it will...
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    Recording With Torpedo Live

    @TTerror Thank you for the love :) very nice track - I love the tightness of the guitars! The rythm tracks are really good!
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    Torpedo Captor X - dual mono & power supply I will give my 2 cents on your questions. @Ventura , unfortunately, it is not possible to split each mic to each output. They are downmixed to go through all the effects. In dual mono, both outputs receive the same cabinet simulation signal, with the possibility to apply a...
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    "Victory" DynIR Cabs - WOW!!!!

    yes, indeed this collection of cabs are amazing. Adam really nailed the tone perfectly :)
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    Torpedo Captor 8 Ground Noise and Out Level Issues [Resolved!]

    @JC Dawson Thanks for the update, and I am really glad to see everything is working nicely now.
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    Torpedo Live Out - TRS to TRS or TRS to XLR... does it matter?

    @saxxamafone All the points laid out by @Ventura are of very good advice. @Ventura, thanks for the messages :)
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    Presets Don't Load Completely - Captor X

    Hello @normanguitar Can you please forward me the reference of the ticket numbe so I can identify it on our system please?
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    hello @BruceLawrence I am in touch with you through the Two notes helpdesk. We will be working with you to solve your issue.
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    Login option for Android Torpedo Remote

    Hello @michaelggallagher Thank you for the suggestion about the Store on the app. It is part of the improvements we would like to have on the long term but it is not simple with Bluetooth.