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    NGD x 2 Charvel Custom Shop - DLR shows!

    A couple of new tone machines I just got a couple of months ago from the Charvel Custom Shop, stainless 6100 frets, black is ash and white is alder, light relic nitro, Jalen Origin pickups..hope to be using these on the Roth Las Vegas shows coming up!
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    Just played Staples Center with DLR - amazing night!

    Hope to see some of you at the shows! 6Yz_YF6XaSY
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    EVH's 1978 touring rig museum display

    Wowza :rock: only missing the echoplex(s) and Boss EQ :confused: "1978 touring rig and original "Frankenstein" guitar are on display in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Play It Loud" Instruments of Rock & Roll exhibit. The exhibit opens to the public on April 8th."...
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    Edward's 'Rasta Guitar'

    Formerly the Unchained/Circles Guitar! qkX3gXCTtiw
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    Both in good condition and working order, velcro on bottom which can be removed Prices include shipping Pitchfactor $250 Sold Timefactor $225 (Sold) Power supply $10 (Sold)
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    Charvel Ash Pro Mod Demo - Al Estrada

    Saw this guitar at this years NAMM show and had to have it.. Playing through my Fortin Marshall...A little tribute to Gary Moore! 7Z4sG-F8Oo4
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    TC 0144 Remote Controller for 2290
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    Killer vintage chorus/flanger Somebody buy it before I change my mind :lol: :LOL: power cable and original manual included $1550 shipped/paypal
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    Jalen 'Crossroads' Single Coil Pickups - Al Estrada

    Just got these single coil pickups from Jalen to use with my new Hendrix tribute band, they sound great! Signal Chain: Guitar-Keeley Monterey-Echoplex-Marshall SLP-Suhr Reactive Load-Ownhammer Impulse Response cXl6vR_SFnM
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    Sperzel LOCKING TUNERS 6-in-line Trim-Lock Machine Heads - GOLD PLATED SOLD Gotoh Chrome Folyd Sold!
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    Jalen MadMan humbuckers, 15k neck, 17.5k bridge, A5 magnets these are spec'd to resemble Musicman Axis pickups 4 conductor, plenty of lead wire Cream color $35 each or $60 for set shipped/paypal wxJKN0gkLxw
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    Jalen Madman pickups into Fortin Cali

    Nice fat sounding high output pickups by Jalen Guitar into my Fortin Cali Marshall wxJKN0gkLxw
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    -SOLD - Suhr ACE analog cabinet simulator - SOLD

    Suhr ACE analog cabinet simulator - mint condition, only used twice, complete with box and power supply $240 paypal 'gift' shipped!
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    Seymour Duncan Custom - Sold

    Sold! Seymour Duncan Custom, short legs, standard spacing, about 6 inches of lead wire $55 shipped paypal