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    Does anyone have a Randall FS-5 footswitch? I need some pictures

    NP - its a weird footswitch to be sure! :)
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    Does anyone have a Randall FS-5 footswitch? I need some pictures

    Sure do - the red led side is channel selection the green is both channels (why?):) If you need more or another angle let me know!
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    So I returned an item on Ebay because it wasn't fully functional, now the seller say his accounts are locked and can't refund my CC

    Dont cancel your refund request - if he needs to fund and unlock accounts thats his problem not yours!
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    Gibson buys Mesa Boogie

    Its true - read it and weep:
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    Egnater Amp Kit Build

    So after a few smaller amp builds I decided to go for something a bit bigger - from living in the US and being into the Egnater modular amps I knew Bruce Eganter did amp workshops and I found out he was doing kits so a few weeks later I had one... Tube Bases are in: Bits, lots of bits...
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    Synergy VH4 Module

    I received my new SYN-2 and Synergy modules a few days ago and I have to say I'm totally stoked at how good the VH4 module sounds! Peter I was wondering is the module based on Channel 3 of the VH4 and are both module channels the same? Thanks! Ross
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    VH4 Pedal on Preorder

    Interesting looks like this is coming soon: Sweet :)
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    EMG Het Set Question

    So being an active pickup guys I decided to check out the EMG Het set recently and dropped it into my Luxxtone blackout which is an alder body, maple neck and ebony fingerboard with a floyd rose. While I love the neck pickup I'm pretty meh about the bridge one - it's almost like its not really...
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    NGD - Zemaitis

    Don't normally do this but this is little big different and I thought some of you guys might appreciate it: Zemaitis metal front, very nice little guitar sort of like a really well finished junior with just the best Mahogany neck (oddly reminds me of my Luxxtone? in profile and feel). It's...
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    Thoughts on the Area 51 Wah?

    Like the topic says - anyone out there using the Area 51 wah, I've wanted one for a while and am ordering today - exciting :D Just wanted to see if anyone has experiance with these?
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    95 Blueface VH4 on ebay

    Queue dribbling excitement from the tool fans :D Bit tatty but still looks the real deal!
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    VH4s on Fleabay (UK)

    I think this is a steal a this price £1700!!! ... 3f26a64750 :)
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    Joined the ranks of Diezel users...

    I've been doing some thinking about a new amp (and some saving too) and Diezel was pretty much top of my list! So after speaking to James at Diezel UK this is what I did on Tuesday afternoon for nearly three hours: Let me tell you it was a very difficult decision but I finally managed to get...
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    Point me in the right direction for my new Diezel

    Right I'm looking for a new amp and high on my list are all the Diezels, primarily the Herbert and the D-Moll. I'm looking for a crushing balls to the walls metal amp so I'm thinking the Herbert is going to be my weapon of choice, with the D-Moll being something that I should check out as well...