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    Just because !

    Eddie kicked ass !
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    WTB Black or neon Blue Les Paul Axcess Custom w/ Floyd Rose

    Looking for a black Les Paul Axcess Custom with a Floyd Rose and chrome or nickle hardware. Also looking for Neon Blue Les Paul Axcess. Please PM me if you got something. Thanks
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    Incoming Unicorn !

    Give you hint starts with a M Hell yeah, 2 classics in one week !
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    Just scored this 1974 Super Lead

    Just picked this up today. Local guy had it even delivered it for $1800.00. Guy was 69 and used to play gigs with it in the 70's. He didn't even have a cab anymore so he brought it to me to try out. We plugged it in and his face lit up ! He jammed on it for a bit and I gave him the cash and...
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    WTB Steavens Amp Poundcake or other

    Looking for a Steavens Poundcake or may be interested in other models. Preferably a 100 watt but might be interested in a 50 watt too. Let me know what you have. Thanks,
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    Best sounding current production EL34, what are you guys using ?

    This is for a custom build Marshall/ Friedman 100 watt amp. What are your thoughts ? Also what are you using for preamp tubes in your High gainers? I was using the Ruby HG and HG plus 12AX7s but they are no longer available. Thanks
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    Anyone have a 100 watt Eclipse for sale ? Thanks
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    WTB Aiken Sabre head

    Hey guys had one of these years ago and sold it. on a quest to find another one. Please let me know if you know of one for sale. Thanks
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    Anyone have a Monomyth modded Marshall for sale ?

    I contacted Shea about modding a Marshall for me and he said he is not taking on mods at this time. he said he is sourcing amps and selling them modded. Waiting to hear back if he has any available. Let me know what you got, his amps sound great !
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    Reaching out to Mark Cameron

    Hi guys, I know there are a few guys here close to Mark. I am asking for your help. I have always considered Mark a friend and he has built several amps for me. We have talked on the phone for hours over the years about amps and life etc. I know he is slow to respond but He has been MIA for...
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    WTB Marshall JCM 800 2204 vertical input

    Looking for an original JCM 800 2204 50 watt must be vertical input. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    Ceriatone 50 watt Marshall Plexi , Modded high gain !

    Modded high gain ceriatone plexi in Marshall head shell. $1,600.00 Plus Paypal fee. Amp was modded by me with the following mods. added tube gain stage 70's 80's mode foot switchable boost foot switchable solo master 3 position mid shift amp has resonance control passive insert loop for no tone...
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    100 Watt Metro Plexi with Screamin Demon mod !

    Hey guys just wanted to share a clip of a Plexi I modded. Thanks to Paul for sharing this clip ! I think it sounds great and great playing. Anyway enjoy ! Thanks, :rock:
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    WTB 5150 III LBX II or 5150 III EL34 50 watt head

    PM me, thanks !
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    educate me on the Friedman BE

    Hey guys just wondering about the Friedman BE and the different versions. Also the HBE is this an added tube gain stage over the BE? So how many gain stages in the BE ? How many in the HBE ? I take it both amp use Diode clipping ? Is there and independent clean on all models ? Thanks for the...
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    Trolls on Reverb

    Man what the fu%& ! Been having issues on Reverb. ... -high-gain Listed this head, guy bought it, emails me says the loop is not working. I say ok send it back to me and I will take care of any problem something must have got knocked loose in shipping. So...
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    Lets see your flames !

    Just did a pickup swap on my Mutt ! Super D in the bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck. What do you think of the flame ? Post up yours Love to see them ! :rock:
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    Can anyone tell me what mod this is ?

    Some assembly required ! :lol: :LOL: This is giving bad ideas ! :D
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    Who do you recommend to do some fret work on my GMW/Charvel

    My GMW Tiger needs some fret work. Seems like I may have some frets lifting. I notice it mostly on the High E past the 12th fret. Notes not ringing clearly, fretting out. It's not terrible but I'm just not happy with it ! Anyway I would like to have it looked at and possibly a refret. I'm in...
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    What's a good neck pickup to pair with a Super Distortion

    I am putting a Charvel build together and want to try a Super distortion in the bridge(never tried one) and was thinking PAF in the neck. Both Cream of course. Guitar is Alder with a Maple neck. Looking for recommendations. Here are the ones I'm looking at: PAF Master PAF 36 aniversary PAF...