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    Collaborated with my pals on a new song!

    Hey guys, While I was on a trip visiting my friends( One being forum member Jorona11), we were able to write and record a song together. We just finished tweaking it and posted it up yesterday. I think we were going for something that kind of flowed throughout into different sections and moods...
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    Rerecorded an old song, Hallways!

    Decided to revisit an interlude I came up with a while back when my old band was recording our album. I thought it was cool, and the others decided they wanted to include it as well. I used my RG770!
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    (Taylord Protone Bulb Overdrive Deluxe/Toontrack Metal! Test

    Hey guys, so a couple weeks ago my friends surprised me with an awesome gift. The Bulb Overdrive Deluxe pedal! It sounds awesome and works really well in front of the Axefx II. I kicked on the attack switch about halfway through the clip to show how much it makes the notes pop out. Today I also...
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    Taylord new song "Gone" Something different.

    Hey guys, finally came up with something new. Probably not my best work, but I thought it was cool and a little different from some of my other stuff. Tried using a few different guitar tones and drum mix. Any feedback or critique is always appreciated. Thanks...
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    Taylord Rough song clip! Critique appreciated!

    Hey guys, I've had a few other song ideas that I've been stuck on for a while, but just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions or thoughts about the direction it's going in? Hopefully will get in finished up soon! The working title is "Leading Into", and you can check it out at either of...
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    Taylord new song "Rapture"!

    Hey guys, I recently rerecorded some ideas that I've had for a while as well as tried out slightly different guitar and bass tones. I wanted the bass to be a lot more present, but I'm sure if I controlled it very well, but as always is a work in progress. Any advice or thoughts is greatly...
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    (Taylord) Coldplay's Clocks cover!

    Haven't had any luck with writing lately, so I attempted covering Coldplay haha. Downloaded the midi and ran most of it through instances of Halion and Padshop in Cubase, and I restrung and cleaned up my old Tele for the guitar parts!
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    Music man Jp6. Old vs. New

    Hey guys, I've been looking for an unloaded Jp6 for a while without any luck. Other than getting one for cheaper, Im would like to get one with the original custom dimarizos as people seem to prefer them to the CL-LQ combo. I found a store online that has an unloaded brand new one for $1300. I...
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    Taylord new (old) song! (JP7,Axefx,S2.0)

    Hey guys, so I decided to revisit one of the first songs that I wrote/recorded almost a year ago but never posted. Riff credit to my pal Joey for helping me with a couple of the ideas. This time around I tried using a slightly different guitar tone and for the drums, I stuck with using just the...
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    Taylord with a new song idea! (JP7,Axefx,S2.0)

    Hey guys, I finished some of the ideas I had for another song. I've had the main riff of this since February I believe, so I'm glad to finally have the outline for a full song. Will hopefully add some more to it and post an updated mix soon. I used my JP7 and Schecter Stiletto through my Axefx...
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    Finally got my Jp7 fixed, and recorded a new clip!

    Hey guys, I've been troubleshooting a ringing coming from my Jp7 for a while, and my tech finally resolved it by putting foam on top of the saddle springs which seemed to of been causing the problem as opposed to the trem springs in the back of the guitar. So I recorded a small clip to...
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    New Demo "Freeze". Critique Needed!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and wanted to share a new song I've been working on! I've had this idea for a while, and decided to post the first incarnation of the song, with the hope of getting feedback and constructive criticism! I've been struggling with getting my mix louder without sacrificing...