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  1. NewReligion

    #2 Custom One Off Hopkins Modded Marshall ♫

    The customer wanted more "Aggression" so I went back in and made some changes to accommodate the request. David...♫
  2. NewReligion

    One Off Custom Hopkins Modded Marshall For Casey ♫

    EDIT - Due to customer wanted amp reworked for more aggression. Dry, No Loop. Plenty of Treble on Tap if desired. ♫ David
  3. NewReligion

    Hopkins AXIS 5 Stage Modified Marshall JMP 2203

    Hopkins AXIS 5 Stage Modified Marshall JMP 2203. Modified to add the feel most of us are addicted to with the compression of a TS9 or Boss SD-1. But with out the added hiss & loss of low end. Guitar plugged straight in. Loop supplied by Jason Tong & a shout out to my Brother Shea Monomyth...
  4. NewReligion

    Sold Hopkins Modded Marshall High Gain...♫

    My Latest Hopkins Modded Marshall High Gain Pandora with a Headfirst Amplification Effects loop. Thank you Jason Tong. David Hopkins...♫
  5. NewReligion

    Hopkins Pandora Updated Circuit Single Channel

    Hello to all and thank you for checking in. I have made a couple changes to my Pandora circuit that really accents the growl without loosing articulation. This is built on a post 1984 JCM 800 Series 1987 Model. I am not a fan of these PCB’s so when modding to high gain on this platform much of...
  6. NewReligion

    Just Because Some Like It Wet lol ♫

    For those who like it wet lol. Here is a little Gary Moore over 5 stages of all analog tube Hopkins Modded Marshall. David...♫
  7. NewReligion

    ( No Effects) New 4 & 5 Stage Hopkins High Gain Modded Marshall

    Hello to all. My original post featured the amp with some reverb and delay which was not well received so by request here is the amp in its 100 watt state with nothing in the Metropoulos Loop, David
  8. NewReligion

    Honest Thoughts Please on New 4 & 5 Stage High Gain Hopkins Circuit.

    New Hopkins 4 & 5 Stage High Gain Modded Marshall Circuit. Demo #1♫ No Diodes/Transistors for Clipping Email: Thank you, David...♫
  9. NewReligion

    Snorkler Hopkins Modded Marshall...♫

    Snorkler Hopkins Modded Marshall...♫ Feel free to opine. No m,ics in studio manipulation. Keeping it real with IPhone. Email questions to David...♫
  10. NewReligion

    Marshall Modded JCM 800 Hopkins Pandora Loaded 50 Watt

    $1990 Shipped US ONLY...♫ Hopkins modded JCM 800 PANDORA High Gain Loaded with Features. 3 & 4 stage High Gain & Lessor Gain inputs. Cleans up nicely with guitar volume rolled down. There are...
  11. NewReligion

    Rikk Morosini Playing His Hopkins Ascension Modded Marshall...♫

    Rikk Morosini playing his Hopkins Ascension Modded Marshall. I am happy he digs the amp. David Hopkins...♫
  12. NewReligion

    Solo Master. Modded Marshall Hopkins DVL-SOLOIST-Pandora High Gain ♫

    Yes I had the sniffles lol. But seriously I had surgery on my right hand in October. It is rough trying to pull it together. Kind of like trying to drive straight with loose tie rods. Modded Marshall Hopkins DVL-SOLOIST - Pandora Line. High Gain ♫ Of course the volume difference can be set by...
  13. NewReligion

    Guttural Clarity Hopkins Modded Marshall JMP: EVL-50 ♫

    Hopkins Modded Marshall JMP: EVL-50 (GOAL) Guttural Clarity.....♫ David 3a7-1UrDG9o
  14. NewReligion

    Using a Relay To Access Second Master Volume For Solo's...♫

    There are many ways to skin a cat but I thought using a relay to access a second Master Volume for Solo's silently at the speed of light is a great option to have. David Hopkins...♫ hZeIEc_d9I4
  15. NewReligion

    Modded Marshall Plexi Hopkins EVL-50 With Solo Boost ♫

    I set up a Poll to see how many would prefer a foot switchable Solo Boost to Simple Clean Channel. The Solo Boost was undeniably the choice. Here is a short video of the first EVL-50 I built. It has a Metropoulos Zero Loss Effects Loop in addition to a second Master Volume for Solo work...
  16. NewReligion

    Relay For Swiatchable Solo Master Volume...♫

    Thank you Terry Shaffer. Thanks to help from my mentor I am working through multiple uses of relays. Here one is used to add a second foot switchable master volume for solo's. David...♫ hZeIEc_d9I4
  17. NewReligion

    Modded Marshall Hopkins EVL-50 With Stratocaster AiC...♫

    Modded Marshall Hopkins EVL-50 with Stratocaster...♫ Thanks for listening. David...♫ e-Rk4ntyQRk
  18. NewReligion

    Finishing New Circuit For High Gain Marshall Hopkins EVL-50

    Modded Marshall High Gain, Hopkins EVL-50. (E)volved (V)alve (L)ogic EVL...♫ All Tube with Metropoulos Zero Loss Effects Loop. David...♫ gzcvbP1SImY
  19. NewReligion

    Netgear Riding On Top Of AC Causing Havoc

    I have been working on a new line of all valve analog high gain circuits. However I continued to have what appeared to be a low frequency 120 cycle oscillation. I interfaced preamps with power amps of many heads to deduce the culprit. I finally thought well perhaps the grounding in that part...
  20. NewReligion

    Modded Marshall Hopkins Pandora for Noberto...♫

    Modded Marshall Hopkins Pandora High Gain Plus Metropoulos Zero Loss Effects Loop for Noberto...♫ Thanks for listening. David...♫ _BInIP8pNKk