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    Selling my mint Modern Classic II 100W (EL34) amp I got in June of this year. I'm the original owner. Has left my house once for band practice. Tubes probably have around 15 hours on them. This amp has the Black Cat mod installed on the Rhythm Master knob. If it's pulled out, it cuts some low...
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    Not selling. Sounds too good.
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    ***SOLD*** KSR PA50 Compact Power Amp

    Fantastic sounding 50W tube power amp by KSR. Mint condition. This one has two 6L6GC tubes inside, but you can swap in EL34 or KT77 tubes as well. I no longer have a need for it, so I'm letting it go. SOLD Not interested in any trades right now.
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    Channel Volume vs Master Volume

    I'm still learning how to dial-in the VHX. How do you guys typically set the volume levels on your Diezels? I've asked @Leo Diezel this same question and he likes the channel volumes around 50% (12 o'clock) and the master volume a quarter of the way up (depending on volume). I've seen some...
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    FS: Bad Cat Lynx X 40W

    Selling my mint Bad Cat Lynx X head. It's a great sounding amp and works perfectly. With the amp you'll receive a Bad Cat amp cover, a single button footswitch and power cable. Selling for $1470 shipped and Paypal'd CONUS. Available locally in San Diego. Not interested in any trades at the moment.
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    Bogner 2x12 OS vs Diezel 2x12, or get G12K-100s separately for Bogner cab?

    I just got a Diezel VHX and I like it a lot. I also have a Bogner 2x12 OS cab with V30s that sounds pretty good. I had a chance to try out a friend's Diezel 4x12 front-loaded with K-100s with the VHX when I picked it up and it sounded huge and amazing. I liked it a lot. While I love the sound...
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    Tone chasing is exhausting

    Does anyone else feel the same way? I have enough self-awareness to know that I've recently been spending way more time researching and looking for deals on amps than actually practicing guitar. It's almost like I'm never satisfied? I own an FM3, a Bad Cat Lynx X and I just got Revv Generator...
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    50W or 100W MTL MkII?

    I keep going back and forth on this and it's bugging me. Is there anything lacking on the 50W for those that own them? I currently have a 100W Modern Classic II and it's great, but in my band situation I feel like it's almost too much. Had the master barely over 2 on both channels at practice...
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    MCII vs Friedman?

    I've been on a tone hunt recently and I just got a BE-100 Deluxe. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to like it because I played a 2016 BE-100 a few years ago and was not a fan. I felt it really lacked the raw openness and touch sensitivity of the JCM 800 I had at the time. The JCM 800 is...