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    5150 I, II, and III - Tightness Question

    So it's pretty common knowledge that when the 5150's design was updated to the 5150 II, the lead channel was "tightened" which has been a bit of a controversial thing over the years. Some people note that the sound became more articulate and manageable, but some people think this update caused...
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    Power supplies: Furman vs Monster

    Hey guys, I'm about to buy a rack power supply and I've gt about $200 to spend. I've narrowed it down to 2 units, the Furman PLPlusII and the Monster Pro 2500. Any opinions on which one is the overall better buy?
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    Bought a VHT 2/90/2. Should I have bought a 2/50/2 instead?

    Title says it all. I'm worried I made the wrong choice. Here's the deal. Basically, when I was trying to choose between the two, I did it without hearing either one (nobody around where I live stocks them). I chose the 2/90/2 because I primarily use high gain rock type tones, and I heard that...
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    ENGL SE vs ENGL 570 SE Preamp

    I'd love to get an ENGL SE, but there are several reasons that the rack version is more appealing to me. 1. I already own a VHT poweramp so I really don't "need" the power section of the SE. 2. I'd like a consolidated rig, and a rack preamp would fit right in with the rest of my rig, unlike a...