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  1. TheTrueZoltan!

    noise suppression/gating

    I use an ISP Decimator II between my overdrive pedal (Boss SD-1) and amp (Engl Artist Edition) and the built-in noise gate of the amp takes care of the rest. Both gates are set quite low and complement each other really well.
  2. TheTrueZoltan!

    Kyle does Bugera

    I really like his channel, but to be honest… a couple new riffs from time to time would be good. Hearing the same riffs over and over again is starting to get a little annoying.
  3. TheTrueZoltan!

    List Of Amps You've Owned

    Park G10R Hughes & Kettner Attax 200 Peavey 6505MH Marshall JVM410HJS EVH 5150 III 50W Engl Artist Edition 50W
  4. TheTrueZoltan!

    To Synergy or not to Synergy

    A couple of years ago (when I sold my Marshall JVM HJS... biggest mistake ever) I bought a SYN-1 and the Friedman HBE module. The voicing of the module was great, it sounded very thick and saturated, but there were two things that I just couldn't stand and eventually made me return both devices...
  5. TheTrueZoltan!

    Heads up on the newer Boss SD-1

    I compared my SD-1W (MIJ) to my SD-1-4A. The Waza is a little noisier (I guess that's because of the through-hole-design, while the 4A is SMT which generally seems to be less noisy) and even in Standard mode it has a little bit more bass and a little less highs than the 4A (Pink noise test...
  6. TheTrueZoltan!

    Reactive loads, IR

    My bedroom studio setup: Line 6 HX Stomp into ENGL Artist Edition into Suhr Reactive Load. I usually use the HX Stomp before the amp for OD and other FX, but it also works really well as a preamp modeler into the FX return of the amp. A very flexible and great sounding hybrid setup. Best of...
  7. TheTrueZoltan!

    Captor X vs Suhr rl IR vs Box of Doom

    The low end is not missing with the Torpedo Captor. It‘s just very inaccurate. The impedance curve of a guitar speaker normally has a peak that resembles a parametric EQ. The low end of the Captor‘s impedance curve is more like shelf EQ.
  8. TheTrueZoltan!

    Captor X vs Suhr rl IR vs Box of Doom

    There are two reasons why so many people praise and buy the Torpedo Captor products: They‘re cheaper than competing products and Two Notes invest in a lot of social media / influencer marketing. In regards to quality and accuracy the Suhr RL or Fractal LB-2 are in another league, though.
  9. TheTrueZoltan!

    Any Bolt Thrower fans here?

    Memoriam… yeah, their first 3 albums were not as good as I hoped they would be. However, their latest album is absolutely killer. Everyone into old-school Death Metal should also check out the new Benediction album - by far their best one since Transcend The Rubicon.
  10. TheTrueZoltan!

    Any Bolt Thrower fans here?

    For Victory is the best Death Metal album ever.
  11. TheTrueZoltan!

    Top 5 high gain 50w amps

    ENGL Artist Edition 50W
  12. TheTrueZoltan!

    NAD & Issues - Synergy Syn30 + SLO Module

    I really wanted to like the Synergy system. Two years ago I bought a SYN-1 and the HBE module for home recording purposes. However, it was quite noisy, the power amp (Sag) simulation in the SYN-1 didn‘t convince me for direct recording and I disliked the tiddly knobs on the module. TBH I was a...
  13. TheTrueZoltan!

    Engl Artist Edition 50 vs. 100

    Two days ago - after long consideration - I finally took the plunge and bought a 50W Artist Edition. The amp sounds really, really great, and it definitely doesn't lack thump. Its low end is more percussive, less compressed than other Engl amps I have tried before (e.g. Fireball, Invader) and...
  14. TheTrueZoltan!

    R.I.P L-G Petrov

    I remember seeing the Hollowman video on Headbanger‘s Ball as a teenager. That was pretty much my gateway drug to Death Metal. R.I.P., LG
  15. TheTrueZoltan!

    Opinions on Splawn Super Sport 50 vs. Friedman Runt 50 (or other alternatives)?

    I‘m buying new. There is exactly one (!) Super Sport in stock and available from a european dealer and it would have to be shipped from Italy to Germany. I could order the Runt from a music store just 50 km from my home town, so I guess that would be a much safer purchase. Both amps are about...
  16. TheTrueZoltan!

    Old/New Switch

    Hi guys, I am considering to buy a Super Sport 50. There is the option of adding an "Old/New" switch. Can anyone describe what it does compared to the regular version without the switch? Thanks in advance! :)
  17. TheTrueZoltan!

    Opinions on Splawn Super Sport 50 vs. Friedman Runt 50 (or other alternatives)?

    The ENGL Artist Edition is something I thought about, too. But it's not available in a smaller chassis and the couple of ENGLs I have played so far had a very strange low end - kind of "cinematic", but lacking thump.
  18. TheTrueZoltan!

    Opinions on Splawn Super Sport 50 vs. Friedman Runt 50 (or other alternatives)?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a "hot-rodded JCM800" voiced, smaller sized 50W head for tight and bright high gain sounds (old school Thrash Metal). Currently I am considering two options I would like to get some opinions on: 1. Friedman Runt 50W 2. Splawn Super Sport EL34 50W I am a little bit...
  19. TheTrueZoltan!

    What's the best boost for...?

    I'd recommend two pedals: - Mesa Grid Slammer: It's a mix between Tube Screamer and Timmy. Compared to a regular Tube Screamer it cuts the low end much less, sounds more transparent, less compressed and has a higher output. - Boss SD-1w Waza Craft: Standard SD-1mode sounds slightly more...
  20. TheTrueZoltan!

    Engl Artist Edition 50 vs. 100

    Hi, Has anyone compared the 50 and 100 watt versions of the Artist Edition? I‘d only use the amp for home recording, so 50 watt would be more than enough. But I am a little bit concerned if the 50 watt version could lack some thump in the lower end. I am looking for a tight Thrash Metal sound.