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    NGD: Early Christmas present

    From me to me. Knaggs Kenai.
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    How much ram on a Mac Mini for recording?

    32 GB? 64GB? I’m sure someone will say that the more RAM the better, but I don’t want to overspend on features that are not necessary. I’m planning to use Logic Pro. Any feedback on this will be much appreciated.
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    Help me choose components for my first home studio

    My daughter got married back in June and after some negotiations with my wife regarding the use of my daughter's former bedroom, I'm going to take the room to build my first home studio. I already have the following components: RAB Audio ProRak 88 Music Production Desk Herman Miller Embody...
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    NGD - Tyler Studio Elite Burning Water

    Plays like butta!!!!!
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    Incoming NGD

    Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic Shorty
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    Where can I source an ESP Kamikaze style guitar body?

    I'm in the process of putting together a parts guitar and want to use an ESP Kamikaze style guitar body for my build. The problem is that I cannot find this type of guitar body shape. To me, a Kamikaze style guitar body is wider and a little bigger than a Dinky style guitar body, and the horns...
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    Need help - Short mounting leg or long mountain leg for PRS

    I have a PRS Singlecut with a Floyd Rose trem (similar to the PRS SC Floyd guitars that Neal Schon played at some point before getting his signature PRS model). I want to change the pickups and don't know if I need the the short mounting leg version or the long mountain leg version. The new...
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    Bogner 3534 amp owners - Share your settings

    Looking to try different settings with my Bogner 3534.
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    Help - Problems with amp

    I just got a Bogner 3534 from a forum member. The amp shipped without a problem and I got it last week. I was out of town and today was able to take it out of the box and fire it up. The amp was perfectly packed and the seller even shipped an extra set of preamp tubes. I hooked it up to a Bogner...
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    Bogner 3534 amp owners - Could you share the amp’s manual?

    Cannot find it anywhere on the net.Thanks.
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    Which order do you place this?

    Roland SDE 3000 delay Roland SRV 2000 reverb I'm going to place these in the loop of my Friedman JJ Jr. Should the reverb go first and then the delay, or should it be the delay first and then the reverb?
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    Post pictures of cabinets you use to store your guitars

    I'm putting together a plan to remodel my studio and need ideas for cabinets that I can use to store my guitars. I have seen pictures from time to time posted here of home studios that have cabinets to store guitars. I'd like to build something with some nice glass doors, so the guitars are...
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    FS/FT Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary KT88 Reverb version

    In excellent condition. Only used at home. Tubes have low hours of use. Price is 1600 plus shipping in the CONUS. Only trades considered: 1. EVH Stealth 5150 III 50 watts plus some cash on your part 2. Mesa Boogie JP2C head plus some cash on my part 3. PRS Dusty Waring 4. Caparison Horus M3...
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    My new rig

    Loving the sounds I'm getting out of this rig.
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    WTB - Lexicon MPX1 or Roland SDE 3000

    Units must be in great condition. If you have any of these for sale, please send a PM.
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    NGD - ESP Eclipse Floyd Rose

    Love the neck on the guitar, but I'm think about changing the pickups. Any recommendations? I play 80's hair metal and hard rock through a Friedman JJ Jr and some Synergy modules (SLO, Ecstasy, VH4, Engl Savage).
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    Need suggestion on how to control this rig

    Hi folks, I'm currently in the process of assembling a rig with the following components (I already have all the components): Friedman JJ Jr amp Friedman 1x12 amp cab Boss WAZA Tub Amp Expander Synergy Syn 2 I plan to us the WAZA TAE for amp attenuation and effects. The Syn 2 will be...
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    WTB - TC Electronics G Major 2

    Must be in excellent condition. If you have one for sale, please send PM with pics. Thanks!
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    rack case for amp, 1x12 cab and some rack gear pieces

    Looking for a company that will build me a case for my Friedman JJ Jr, matching 1x12 cab and a rack case for some rack gear pieces. Any recommendations?