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  1. Dimebag11

    *SOLD 2021 Fender Ultra Luxe Stratocaster $1600!

    SOLD Excellent condition, currently loaded with Fender Custom Shop ‘69 pickups in middle/neck and a Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s pickup in the bridge. So I can ship with those or the original pickups installed. For players who demand the ultimate in performance and tone, American Ultra is our...
  2. Dimebag11

    SOLD! Driftwood Mini Nightmare IR (w/Loadbox)

    Ok, actually selling my Driftwood Mini Nightmare IR (w/built in load box!) this time 🙂 Loaded with Sovtek 5881 WXTs and will include the 6L6s it came with as well. Looking for $2,400 Shipped! No trades, I’m using the funds to payoff the drum kit I just purchased. If I’m ever the guitarist in a...
  3. Dimebag11

    FS: Port City 212

    Port City Waves OS 212 (V30s) - $450 (don’t want to ship this). Located in Knoxville, *decided against selling the Driftwood.
  4. Dimebag11

    Can you guess which guitar is which? PRS/LP (Clip) One of them is a Les Paul, the other a PRS McCarty 594.
  5. Dimebag11


    2018 PRS McCarty 594 Good lord does this thing feel phenomenal and sounds sooo harmonically rich! What a find! Happy 40th to me haha
  6. Dimebag11

    Vox AC10C1

    …surprised these suckers aren’t muuuuch more popular. Played on one today and it was by far my favorite of those clean type of amps. I think I’m going to snag one, they are THAT good! Carry on
  7. Dimebag11

    Pickup sale! (BKP, EMG, DiMarzio, Suhr, Duncan)!

    EMG 57/66 TW Set - Black - $195 DiMarzio Illuminator - Green - $65 BKP Cold Sweat Set - Black - $225 Suhr V60 Middle Single Coil - Black - $65 DiMarzio Evolution Neck - Black - $50 Seymour Duncan Broadcaster - Black - $65 DiMarzio Twang King Neck - Chrome - $60 …all prices include shipping.
  8. Dimebag11

    Suhr Modern Pro $2700

    Stunning flame top!
  9. Dimebag11

    Suhr Modern Curly Plus Limited $2,500!!!

    Mint! $2,500 + shipping FIRM.
  10. Dimebag11

    Driftwood High Gain Clip

    Driftwood Mini Nightmare in action! Absolutely 0 EQ on the guitars (a couple FX on the tiny lead sections). Schecter USA Avenger (EMG 57/85) straight into the amp and using the onboard Load Box and IR.
  11. Dimebag11

    Clean channels…..

    …the Driftwood has a very solid one! All Clean channel here (gain near 2:00!), and the leads were with the boost on.
  12. Dimebag11

    FS: Suhr Modern Curly Plus Top

    Mint, stock, and sounds fantastic. Basswood Body/Maple Top SSH+/ML/SSV Pickups Maple Neck Pau Ferro Fretboard Jumbo SS Frets Push/Push Tone Pot (Splits Bridge and Neck)...the works... $2,900 Shipped. No trades.
  13. Dimebag11

    Just look that that ash! Like seriously...NGD!

    Tele perfection right here! (Except for the noiseless pups). The neck on this thing is downright glorious. Feels like a Suhr!
  14. Dimebag11

    Carbon Copy volume issue...

    For some reason when I click the pedal on (it’s the only pedal in my effects loop) there is a significant volume increase. Any way to combat this? Is it a bad pedal? Do I need some sort of buffer?
  15. Dimebag11

    Need a bridge pickup suggestion for a.....

    USA Schecter Avenger with a Honduran Mahogany body and 25.5” bolt-on Maple neck/RW board. I’ve gone through too many pickups to name, but have never been happy with the tone...but the guitar is sentimental so I can’t sell. it needs more output (currently have an Illuminator) and more...
  16. Dimebag11

    Driftwood Mini Nightmare *30 second clip*

    Threw some Sovtek 5881 WXTs in there and this amp is now PERFECT! The tubes made the amp more present, tighter, punchier, and clearer overall. Just a short little full mix clip. Used one of the onboard IRs. Suhr Modern ----> Driftwood Boost On ------> Onboard Reactive Load ------> Interface...
  17. Dimebag11

    The Mini Nightmare has arrived!

    Where has this amp been all my life? Gibson Les Paul (MCP) straight into the amp using the built in load box and IRs. Just two dry tracks panned hard left and right. Original melodic riff in the beginning and some Metallica at the end.
  18. Dimebag11

    Two Notes Torpedo Live or C.A.B. M?

    If I don’t have the “need” for a reactive load, is there any advantage the torpedo live has over the CAB M?
  19. Dimebag11

    Suhr Classic T Pro

    $1,900 Shipped. ... acco-burst
  20. Dimebag11

    Need a powered pedalboard...

    ...suggestions? Was leaning towards Voodoo. I only have 5 pedals.