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    WTB Alnico Cream 8

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    WTB Alnico Cream 8

    Need an 8 ohm........
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    Knaggs Doug Rappaport $2400 shipped

    That's F'n Coral! :cool: Nice!
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    PT15 I.R.

    Sounds pretty sweet to me buddy....they might toss you ....playing that at your church gig!
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    Baron Snott Watt

    Sold ...thanks Tony!
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    Baron Snott Watt

    Coolest 1 watt screamer made! Perfect condition with anos preamp tubes. Effects loop and line ourt. $old
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    WTB Axe 3 and FC6

    Make me an offer I can't refuse and I might take your Axe 3 and FC6...... Nice condition desired, Thanks Randall
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    WTB Fractal EV-2 Expression Pedal

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    Baron Snott Watt Head! Great price!

    One of the coolest 1 watt amp head you can get your hands on! Dual channel dual gain mode 12BH7 Push/Pull 5 watt amplifier. 100% Tube signal path No Diodes or SS components 3-12AX7A preamp tubes and 1 12BH7 push/Pull power tube. Brutal/Brown switch that varies the high voltage supply by 70...
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    CA Hats

    Doing a run of "approved" CA hats next week! Black with silver stitching or Stone with black stitching. Thread started at TGP if interested. Thanks Randall