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    Egnater-please date my new rebel 30

    serial " is 03119142 I bought it used.
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    Tweaker Hybrid preamp?

    I noticed in the manual the tweaker 15 and 40 only use 1 preamp tube-the other 2 preamp tubes are for the efx loop and pi-does the tweaker only use 1 tube for the preamp?
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    Tweaker 40 on sweetwaters websight
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    Date codes on a rebel 30

    how do decipher the date codes on the rebels such as bag 22 or ajl01?
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    new tweaker 2 channel 40 watt and 88watt? ... p?t=773469
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    actual width of the tourmaster 2x12 cab

    can anybody do me a favor and give me the width of the 2x12 cab. I know the renegade head and combo measurements on retailers websights dont match what I'm getting on my amp, seeing if I could squeeze another cab in my house. Thanks.
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    what tubes for the sl2

    any opinions for the preamp tubes in the sl2-looking for current production.
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    well, I just run a stereo rig

    keeping both amps
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    anyone have a elite 80 for sale?

    looking for a single 16 ohm 12 inch egnater-elite 80 if anyone has one
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    renegade xlr to tascam 1/4" unbalanced

    what do I need to hook my renegade to my tascam dp-004, it has 2 1/4 inch unbalanced ins with a swtch for line or mic levels that are switchable low med high would I need a xlr to 1 or 2 1/4 inch plugs with a imp change?;9,16,3707,16.html
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    quick Renegade bias question

    when you bias the renegade-do you leave the tube mix straight up or do you turn to the side (el34 or 6l6) your biasing. Any suggestions to compliment the k100 in a ext cab. I have the 112.
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    Tourmaster clips with a 54 Gibson LP goldtop P-90
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    renegade on guitar edge with a clip ... &Itemid=61
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    tourmaster for a good price

    104956427 GUITAR USED - EGNATER TOURMASTER 4100 GUITAR HEAD Details » Amps Guitar Center Medford Medford, Oregon 97504 View Store's Used Inventory Request More Info Buy Now Now Only $749.99 Was $999.99 Save $250.00 AMP HEADS | GUITAR Available In: Medford Justin...
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    is a 2x12 tm cab with a v30 and a c80 avail.for the renegade

    I see the renegade combo comes with a v30 as well as a c80, but the tm cab comes with 2 c80's, will there be a optional renegade cab with a v30. Or will I even miss having a v30 is the 2-12. My back dictates a head + 2x12 purchase. If not, I may just get a avatar.
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    which one renegade or tourmaster

    Hot for a egnater, looking for the sparkly clean thing, a good raunchy blues, and the ty tabor/kings x ogre tones and XV album crunch. Features aside , just looking to get the closest to the above tones-especially Ty's- nice guy to boot-met him after several shows. One more quest. the newer...