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  1. marshall2553

    The Guitar Guru Network (The fake tracking number scam goes on)

    +1 I’ve purchased a couple of LPs from him with no problems. One arrived with a very minor issue from shipping, he called to apologize for it and quickly made it right. He seemed like an ok dude.
  2. marshall2553

    Gibson Guitars Fret Wire Re-sizing

    The narrow/tall fret wire on newer 54-58 reissues is supposedly for “historical accuracy”. The ‘59 and ‘60 reissues still have medium jumbo wire. I have a ‘56 and ’57 with the smaller frets, it doesn’t really bother me but I do feel a difference compared to my ‘59.
  3. marshall2553

    Four years later -- still enjoying it

    I really wish I had bought one of these when they first came out. I check Reverb every now and then, but the prices are crazy for a used Squier.
  4. marshall2553

    Fractal FM3 Thread , tips to rock ! ? @

    There are some great sounding stock IRs, I just don't have the patience to wade through 2,000+ of them to find ones I like. With the factory cabs I'd go down the rabbit hole of auditioning them endlessly instead of playing or building patches. I highly recommend checking out York Audio's IR...
  5. marshall2553

    What hated piece of gear did you grow to like?

    Came here to say this, I see I'm far from the only one. I never understood the appeal, but started to get interested in them a few years ago when I noticed a lot of players I'm into played them. Now I have 3 Suhr T style guitars.
  6. marshall2553

    Pink Taco discontinued?

    I was wondering the same thing. I’m thinking about grabbing a Pink Taco or DSM and not only are they out of stock (understandable given supply issues, pandemic, fire etc), but some dealers have completely removed them from their websites. If they are discontinued, I hope they’re replaced by...
  7. marshall2553

    What happened to the off-topic?

    Do you guys even own a fucking guitar? Take this shit to reddit, Twitter or Facebook. I come to gear forums to get away from this trash because it’s pervaded almost every other platform. And removing off topic has obviously not had the intended effect.
  8. marshall2553

    Voodoo Lab amp switcher and Bogner 3534 shitshow

    I have a 3534 and the Voodoo switcher. I don't know what your setup is like, but I tried to get switching to work with a Fractal Audio FM3 where I had scenes for: Green Blue w/o boost Red w/o boost Blue with boost Red with boost The problem is the switch for the boost is a momentary toggle...
  9. marshall2553

    Bad news for B.A.D

    I never preorder anything, but of course the one exception would have to be a WW20 a few weeks before this happens. I guess I’ll contact Wildwood and see if I can get a refund or store credit. I was ok with waiting a couple of months from when I ordered it, but I don’t want to be out that much...
  10. marshall2553

    Guitar Cabinets Direct

    Does Splawn make their own cabs? Since they're all here in NC I wouldn't be surprised if Splawn got their cabs from either GCD or Mojo.
  11. marshall2553

    Pads to go under amp feet to protect cab tolex?

    I use felt furniture pads, you should be able to find them at Walmart or Amazon.
  12. marshall2553

    King of Clone 68 pedals kicks pretty hard!

    I really like mine and it holds up pretty well against my Prince of Tone. And there’s no way in hell I was going to spend several years on a wait list or pay the crazy price used KoTs go for, so I don’t feel particularly guilty about buying a clone. I’ve purchased several other pedals from...
  13. marshall2553

    Axe FX III riffage/noodling: Pearl Jam, AiC, Metallica, Linkin Park

    Sunshine! One of my favorite AiC songs. Sounds good, especially for a first attempt. I love my AF3 but I haven’t really taken the time to try to record much of anything.
  14. marshall2553

    Pink Taco and DS Mini Availability?

    I know almost everything is screwed up due to COVID and component shortages, but I’ve noticed several of the big dealers have completely removed these amps from their websites instead of showing them as back ordered. Has anyone heard if they’re being discontinued or updated?
  15. marshall2553

    The Guitar Guru Network (The fake tracking number scam goes on)

    Wow, I really hate that I ever gave this guy any of my money.
  16. marshall2553

    Runt 50 footswitch question

    Are there any generic footswitches out there that would work or does it have to be a Friedman switch? Just wondering in case I ever need to get a replacement for my BE or Twin Sister.
  17. marshall2553

    JJ Jr has an internal load or not?

    I just picked one of these up and wanted to make damn sure it has an internal load like the Runt 20 before playing it without a cab. The product description on the Friedman site mentions it but the manual (unlike the Runt 20 manual) makes absolutely no mention of an internal load or being able...
  18. marshall2553

    BE-50 Dlx - Relative volumes of clean and BE channels

    I've had my BE-50 for a while and I don't know if I'm just now noticing this or if something has changed. If I set the BE channel master and the clean volume both to say 9 or 10 o'clock the clean channel is noticeably louder. On my Smallbox with the channel volumes set the same they are close...
  19. marshall2553

    BE-50 Initial Impressions

    I posted this on TGP and figured I'd drop it here too. TLDR: So far I love it. I just got my BE-50 and was able to spend about half an hour with it. I'm not going to say any amp is really worth $3,500, but so far it lives up to the hype IMO. Obviously I need to spend more time with it, but my...
  20. marshall2553

    BE-50 Deluxe Sweetwater Demo up!

    I just found this and haven't even watched it all yet: xk39pR2NXQI Edit: 100th post! Only took me 11 years :lol: :LOL: