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    How do you manage gig dates and rehearsals with your bands?

    Struggling to find an app or platform that's easy enough for everyone, regardless of technical aptitude (lookin' at the drummer), that gives us a shared schedule that users can see and modify. Curious what everyone uses? Any suggestions?
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    Buddy Blaze RIP

    Just saw several tweets on this. Made some iconic guitars.
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    NGD! Fryette PS2 Inbound

    Pulled the trigger this morning, wanted something to power a real cab. Bonus points for being a great attenuator. Gets great reviews, excited to try with my Kemper!
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    Selling for a bandmate. I tried to raise the funds to buy it myself but timing just sucks sometimes lol 2009 N4 Vintage Custom Buzz Feiten tuning system Stephens cutaway Duncan '59 neck Bill Lawrence L500 bridge Original Floyd Rose Ebony board Alder body $1700 obo
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    Washburn N4

    A buddy asked me to help him sell his N4 so I've got it at the house. I've never spent much time with one of these and I wish I had. this one is BADASS. I'm thinking of stuff to sell lol. It's an '09 USA model, I don't know much about what was offered at that time but damn...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Kemper Stage! Should be here Monday. What are your go-to profiles? I had a few Tone Junkie and MBritt profiles for my HX Stomp that I thought were really great, what else should I be looking at for Kemper?
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    Wolfetone Pickups 25% off

    Just saw it on facebook, all pickups 25% off!
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    Having to build a small direct board around a HX Stomp and needed another power supply - ordered the Cioks DC7. This thing is AWESOME! I may put my HX FX on there with it and call it a day. :rock: :rock: :rock:
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    New Tuners

    So I have one of the new Charvel DK24's. Early on I didn't think the tuners were as bad as everyone was saying...I was wrong. They're terrible. If you touch the bar, it's going out of tune. I'm going to replace them with new lockers. What do you recommend? Gotoh? Hipshot? Was going to...
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    Ebtech HumX

    Just went to pre\post routing on my H9 (I think this is the same as 4CM) and had some pretty heinous ground hum. Tried the HumX after reading some reviews and it is AWESOME. Extremely handy piece of gear!!! Kills that ground hum and really helps with lights on faders too!
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    Bogner 101b Blowing HT Fuses

    Just started blowing HT fuses. Are power tubes usually the culprit with these?
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    Unwanted NGD - Time to by new PA - Suggestions?

    I need to upgrade. Best budget active PA mains and subs? Wanted to go QSC K series but they're a little pricier than I can do right now. I hate buying this crap but we need it for smaller shows where there's no sound support (private parties and such). Going to do 2 active mains and 2...
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    EQ in the Loop

    MXR 10 band is at the house. I've got it on the board and wired up, just wrapped it up this morning before leaving for work so I didn't get to start tinkering. As I'm thinking about it on the way to work though, I'm questioning where it needs to sit in the chain...or if it even matters...
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    101b Channel 3

    Good morning gents! Well I've had a chance to gig the 101b several times now and I'm thoroughly pleased. Channel 2 is just the absolute tits. Channel 3 has potential but it feels like the shared EQ really limits it because I want to cut the mids down a hair compared to Channel 2. So I'm...
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    Should be here today, trying out the Source Audio Nemesis. Needed a new delay pedal for the board, these look really cool and demos sound great.
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    Bogner 101b Footswitch - How do you travel with it?

    Bag? Case? Thrown loosely in the trunk? Any suggestions? A couple of quick google searches yielded nothing.
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    Thornbuckers Too Bright?

    Anyone found these a little too bright? I put them in my PRS cu24, just a little too bright in the bridge. I can roll the tone off but it's a pretty substantial move maybe halfway off or so at least. Thinking about changing the pots to try to reign it in a little. Anyone else?
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    Stage Stand

    Looking for recommendations for a decent 3-5 guitar stand for stage use. I've got the ol' Roadrunner from GC but to be honest, it's falling apart. Not a super road-worthy piece. Seems like a few weeks back someone recommended a brand and I did a simple search to find it but i'm not seeing...
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    NAD!!!!! Bogner Ecstasy 101B!!!!!

    HELLLS YES!!!! Not sure if he's on this board, but ShredTiger74 on Reverb....dude can seriously pack an amp. It would have survived a plane crash or the UPS truck getting hit by RPG. Unbelievable job!
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    Keep old guitar mags?

    I've got like 4-5 totes of old guitar mags. I haven't looked at them in years...maybe a decades. At this point, I'm only hanging onto them for nostalgia and they take up a shit ton of space. Does anyone still keep them? I think I want to throw 'em out. Anyone else have this problem?