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  1. NeilOConnor

    Metallica ...Creeping Death... Now that's more like it.

    Peak performance right there. Back when Lars brought ENERGY to the band. Nobody could be critical if he only recently declined, given his age, but he has been stinking it up live since the early 00's. That's half of their career. What a shame.
  2. NeilOConnor

    Absolutely terrible! More Metallica content

    Kirk couldn't have saved the recent records even if he suddenly developed good vibrato and ditched the wah. Lars is the biggest culprit and not just because of his sloppy drumming. On the "making of" Hardwired and Death Magnetic videos James is going through the motions of banging out throwaway...
  3. NeilOConnor

    Gary Moore/Red House

    Blistering performance and that tone is out of this world.
  4. NeilOConnor

    Metallica "Sad but True" on Howard Stern

    Sounds so flat and sluggish
  5. NeilOConnor

    New Lynch ... Is.....

    Dear God that is horrendous
  6. NeilOConnor

    Winger 17 - isolated guitar

    It's not one track doubled. It's two performances. Listen at 1:30.
  7. NeilOConnor

    Engl Savage 120?

    Incredible amp. In the top 5 of hi gain amps I've played.
  8. NeilOConnor

    1960A with T75s: kinda awesome?

    The Recto OS has featured different flavours of v30s over the years. Worst cab I've recorded, a 2012 Recto OS. Best cab I've recorded, an early 2000s Recto OS with the code T4335 stamped on the v30s.
  9. NeilOConnor

    5150 amp debate

    Tried them all, for me the 50w 6l6 was the clear winner.
  10. NeilOConnor

    Favorite Tube Screamer for metal?

    Maxon 808
  11. NeilOConnor

    What cabs are you using these days?

    An old Mesa 4x12 with V30s. 80s Marshall 4x12 with greenbacks.
  12. NeilOConnor

    Most Underrated Amp you've played?

    Bugera 333. Expectations were low and it far exceeded them. Good right out of the box and after replacing the stock preamp tubes it was a winner.
  13. NeilOConnor

    Worst amp you have ever played

    Peavey Windsor. Just awful.
  14. NeilOConnor

    Hetfield, "the Ride the Lightning amp was a...

    Yeah man, I'd be often lost without the Waves C4 multiband comp. A lifesaver for sure. Hetfield's ability to get those super consistent palm mutes and a steady controlled low end with no assistance is impressive. No doubt it's mostly down to his flawless technique but I think that the "crunch...
  15. NeilOConnor

    Hetfield, "the Ride the Lightning amp was a...

    Yeah it's rare to hear a truly original sounding modern metal production. Back in the early 90s albums had their own unique sonic signature. Chaos A.D, Burn My Eyes, Black Album, Demanufacture, Divine Intervention etc... All instantly identifiable. On numerous occasions I've checked out a...
  16. NeilOConnor

    Hetfield, "the Ride the Lightning amp was a...

    James is known to dislike compression. In fact Bob Rock mentioned that he even didn't want his guitars going through the mix bus comp on the black album so Bob had to group the drums vocals and bass and route the guitars to their own uncompressed bus.
  17. NeilOConnor

    Schematic for Jose Build

    FourT6and2, I own one of your custom Jose builds and it's a stellar amp. A mean machine with a bad attitude, sounds like it needs anger management. Your work is exceptional (y)