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  1. espquade

    Did anyone notice this from Reverb?

    So I decided to list a few things on Reverb this week and this popped up on their site ( US tax reporting rules have changed for 2022. We'll need some info from you if you sell $600 or more this year) ... Hmm , Interesting as I thought the amount was originally 20,000 in sales and you would...
  2. espquade

    Synergy IICP F.S.

    I have 2 of these IICP modules and realized I really only need one. Brand new condition! 335.00 Shipped and insured.
  3. espquade

    titanium777 Excellent trade deal!

    Just did a trade deal with Eddie ( Titanium777 ) A Engl Inferno for his VHT 2150 poweramp and everything went perfect and excellent packing as well. Thanks again!
  4. espquade

    Shawn lane at 24.

  5. espquade

    Now I have seen everything ... Presenting the Fart Pedal

    OMG... This is so stupid but I literally was in tears from laughing. so juvenile ha ha..
  6. espquade

    Looking for a VHT 2150 or possibly VHT/Fryette 2 90 2

    Anyone have one for sale? Thanks!
  7. espquade

    Question about selling on the Gear Page

    Hi All, Been getting tired of all the B.S. on Reverb with all the new fees / taxes on used gear ETC... and have sold gear here with success although it sometimes takes some time and was considering trying the Gear Page as an additional option but don't ever go there and wasn't even sure if...
  8. espquade

    Suhr Koko Boost SOLD!

    Suhr Koko Boost the original 2 button version that looks brand new and sounds great , but it needs a new home as I am downsizing my drive pedals. 165.00 shipped within the U.S.
  9. espquade

    Fryette CLX SOLD!!!!.

    I have a Mint condition Fryette CLX head that I would prefer to trade for a Friedman JJ 100 or possibly a Wizard Modern classic with loop and money added if needed depending on situation? SOLD!!! Matching Fryette 4x12 with Fane speakers could be available but shipping costs would be a...
  10. espquade

    Suhr Aldrich pickups SOLD!

    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Nickel and 50mm SOLD!
  11. espquade

    Pedals F.S.

    Dover Drive ( Eric Johnson's lead tone in a box ) 220.00 shipped Majik Box Rocket Fuel 240.00 shipped MXR Anniversary Carbon Copy 90.00 shipped Boss SD1 SOLD Wampler Gearbox 240.00 shipped
  12. espquade

    Hetfield Having some fun.

  13. espquade

    Metallica "Sad but True" on Howard Stern

    Not a big Howard Stern fan but saw Metallica playing and decided to check it out and really enjoyed it overall. Considering it's been 30 years since first on record I enjoyed seeing this.
  14. espquade

    Triumph "Lay It on the Line " Killer cover!

  15. espquade

    And the greed continues...

    Supply and demand ... yeah ok you say and I get it but some of these sellers are just plain greedy scum or maybe just maybe I need to smoke what he is smoking...
  16. espquade

    Bare Knuckle Mule set SOLD

    I ordered these from Bare Knuckle and had them in a 59 Les Paul and they sounded great with a tighter low end than the original Gibson Custom Buckers but still retaining that sweet vintage vibe but I decided I wanted something a bit hotter and put some Aldrich's in so here they are and in...
  17. espquade

    Dimarzio Super Distortion F.S.

    Dimarzio Super Distortion . Bought this new for a replacement for a Les Paul in the bridge but never installed it. 60.00 shipped
  18. espquade

    Pedals for Sale.

    Got a few more pedals that need a good home as there not getting much use. Digitech Luxe 100.00 shipped Mooer Pitchbox SOLD OnFloor Audio Tube Boost OD 85.00 shipped MXR 5 band EQ 65.00 shipped Some have clean velcro on bottom. Thanks!
  19. espquade

    Long Time ... Awesome Boston cover!