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    EL34's & screen voltage

    How would I know if my PT has extra heater current?
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    Yeah I think my best bet is grab something like a variac or brown box to knock the voltage down to that 115-117 range or so. That should get my plate and screen v around 500v or less w/out browning my sound out since that’s not what I’m trying to achieve. Then I can probably run these 500v...
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    I just looked at the datasheet and it's actually lower at 450v
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    Been reading up a little on variacs. Please tell me if I'm understanding this correctly: Say my wall voltage is 122v and my plate voltage is reading 520v with EL34's biased up to 33.6 for 70% dissipation. If I reduce the wall voltage to 117v (roughly 4% less), will that also result in a 4%...
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    I was able to check the serial number & it's from '78.
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    Yeah I don’t think I could bring myself to do that haha. Maybe I’ll just nab a variac to see how that does and some kt77’s since those seem to hold up and see what option is best. When you drop yours to 90v at the variac what does you plate voltage end up at? Any particular variac(s) I should...
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    It’s a Cali mod on a 70’s super lead (don’t have it front of me right now to check the serial number for the date). It’s sort of unique one though in that it was built with some older era parts that Marshall still had around like it’s lay down transformer. I have it plugged into a voltage...
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    I was leaning towards KT77’s. I’ve never messed with a variac. How far would you expect to have to drop the wall voltage down to get the plate v down that far? I’m assuming you rebais with the new voltage?
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    Overall, I've had good luck with winged C's in this amp and others, but over the years I've had them fail in other amps with less screen voltage than the one I'm talking about. I just popped in a set in recently, biased them up, and one of them crapped out after about 30-45 mins. I wasn't even...
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    EL34's & screen voltage

    I reached out to TAD about what EL34's they'd recommend for an amp that sits around 520V at the plates w/the screens around the same. I don't know the exact screen reading, but it's on an older modded Marshall and I've always heard Marshall screen voltages tend to only be a few volts below the...
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    New cool amp on the way: Carstens amplification GRACE

    I like what I've heard of it so far. There were some clips that sounded like it could get a little fuzzy, but I like the core tone of what I've heard. Edit: Just to add. It sounds like there is a ton of gain on tap as well with a pretty wide foot print, which sounds really interesting.
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    Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups question for those who use them.

    I depress the strings like that as well. Those are also good starting points for height. My guess is he's measuring to the top of the screw pieces and not the bobbin. When I'm swapping pickups, I always start at around 5/64 at both sides (7/64 on bass would be fine too). You're really just...
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    I finally figured out why I can't get along with a Mesa Recto

    I haven't played a recto in years, although I used to gig one in a couple of different bands. It was an older 2 channel revision G that I bought back in '98 or something. They can get pretty flabby in the lows when you start pushing the bass and gain, but this does sound a bit more blown out in...
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    Wild reamp/tracking day!!!! *clip added*

    I'm looking forward to hearing how that Granophyre sounds in comparison. That's one that's intrigued me for a while.
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    Did anyone notice this from Reverb?

    Agreed. The only thing is with banks having to report accounts with more than $10,000 in and out, the IRS would see any cash deposits. It's probably not going to raise any red flags if they're small amounts, but it might if you sell a few big items for cash and deposit the cash. I guess it'll...
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    Think you can play Welcome to the Jungle ?

    Wow, that was awesome!
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    Who forgot to tell me how awesome the Suhr Aldrich pickup is?

    Hey @VESmedic, what's the lowdown on that EHR-D? A few years ago I reached out to them about the D and the E model. They were steering me towards the E for guitar cabs. I never ended up pulling the trigger, though.
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    Who forgot to tell me how awesome the Suhr Aldrich pickup is?

    Haha it was years ago with a JB where I learned this lesson. It sounded like garbage in a Jackson King V it came stock in. I didn't know any better at the time, so I always thought it was the worst pickup after that. I picked up another guitar a few years down and was lead to believe there were...
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    Naylor fans/ to me about them

    Well that doesn't suck lol. Man I'd like to give that a go. Is that with the Hi Drive option?
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    59 LP into Dumble

    Yeah too raspy. The tone is breaking up in a not so pleasing way to my ears.