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    EL34's & screen voltage

    I reached out to TAD about what EL34's they'd recommend for an amp that sits around 520V at the plates w/the screens around the same. I don't know the exact screen reading, but it's on an older modded Marshall and I've always heard Marshall screen voltages tend to only be a few volts below the...
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    EVH Iconic video

    Got to say this doesn’t exactly make me want to run out and buy one…
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    Rebel Yell vs Garuda

    I know the MCP Garuda very well and like it quite a bit, but the Rebel Yell is one that has interested off and on over the years. Have any of you all compared a Rebel Yell and Garuda in the same guitar? Bonus points if it was in a single cut style guitar. What I'm basically wondering: - Which...
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    Reamp ground loop issue

    Hey, you all. I'm brand new to reamping and have been getting some ground loop hum. The noise floor is of a similar volume level to plugging straight into the amp, but when I have it set up to reamp I get this underlying ground loop hum. I've exhausted everything I know to try, so figured I'd...
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    Duncan Jupiter 6 (updated)

    These pickups have piqued my interest. Have any of you tried these yet? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.
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    Favorite Flying V pickups

    Inspired by the current Flying V thread, I thought I'd post a thread to see what pickups you all like in your V's. I find they're sometimes a little more particular about pickups than your typical super strat or single cut. Here are some I've tried over the years that I thought were good: MCP...
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    FT: MCP Detroiter for a 2nd dbb

    I have a MCP Detroiter bridge pickup I’m looking to trade. It’s 50mm spacing, short leg, 4 conductor, and it has plenty of lead left on it. It works fine with no issues. I will get more pictures tomorrow after I remove it. I’m looking for an uncovered MCP 2nd Degree Black Belt bridge pickup. It...
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    EVH 5150iii w/G12-65...

    I'm curious if any of you all have played any of the 5150iii amps through some Celestion G12-65's? What were you all's thoughts?
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    Friedman Celestion speakers?

    Just curious whatever happened with the custom Celestion speakers. Are those still in the works or did they get canned?
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    EVH 4x12 cab wiring

    Does anyone know if these are wired series (speakers) - parallel (jack) or parallel-series?
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    Tell me about the Scumback BM75-LD...

    Just like the title says, what’s the story on these? There is a clip on YouTube with it compared to a G12-65 and both sound great, but the BM75-LD had something to it I really liked. Do these hold up well with fast riffing and lots of gain? Do the hold together tuned to D and drop C?
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    FS: Lundgren M6 bridge - SOLD

    I'm selling a Lundgren M6 bridge pickup. There are no issues with it and it functions as it should. There's plenty of lead left on it. Paypal'd and shipped to the lower 48 for SOLD
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    Mesa Rectifier Multiwatt?

    It’s been 19 years since I’ve owned a rectifier, and I’m considering checking out a multiwatt. I’m mainly curious about the loop and volume. I can play loud where I’m at, but I do prefer something that can sound good at manageable levels too. - Can these sound good at bedroom level and does...
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    Greenbacks: reissue and heritage/evh

    I've done some digging on these speakers and have a general understanding on the difference with these speakers. I feel like I run across more posts with players favoring the reissue. That said, I'm wondering if there is anyone here who has compared these speakers while playing something like a...
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    MCP Nasty Nasty in a strat?

    Hey, have any of you tried a Nasty Nasty in an alder strat of some sort? I have one and have had it in a couple of LP’s but never a strat. I’ve been thinking of swapping it in my super strat, but i’m wondering if anyone here already has and what your thoughts were? Was it too tight in a strat or...
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    WTB Fryette or VHT 4x12 Fatbottom

    I'm looking for a Fryette or VHT 4x12 straight Fatbottom. I'd prefer the Fryette w/Fanes followed by the P50E if it's the right price. Unloaded is an option as well. Let me know what you have.
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    Le Mirador Britstraight

    Does anyone know what greenbacks are in this cab? It’s a fantastic sounding IR.
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    Motor City Hellbaby clip

    The past few months I've been on a pickup swap rampage revisiting ones I have in my stash that I haven't played in a while. The most recent one has been the Motor City Hellbaby. It's such a great pickup. Tonally it's a very balanced pickup with lots of clarity and string separation for a hot...
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    Running a load and cab simultaneously?

    In situations where you need/want to play loud and you have an amp that pushes more than a speaker cab can handle, have any of you all ever ran one of the amp’s speaker outputs to a load and another output to a cab so as to reduce the wattage to the cab? Any reason this wouldn’t work? Would the...
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    Telefunken M80 & M81 Mic Comparison

    I've had the Telefunken M80 and M81 about a year now and I have to say they're really great mics. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a different flavor dynamic. The M81 is warm with an open mid range. There's a little dip in the upper mids and a slight raise in the presence...