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  1. romanianreaper

    Anyone own a Shure SM7B? How big of an improvement does a mic make?

    About two years ago I started doing vocals on my songs and just had grabbed a Rode microphone kit. It has been a great tool for recordings but obviously a mic around the $100 range isn't going to compare with a more expensive one. I get a lot of background sounds bleeding thru with the Rode but...
  2. romanianreaper

    Is there a switchl to combine pedals to one click of a button for solos?

    I almost feel like an idiot even asking this because I've been playing fir years. I am looking for some type of switch to allow me to hit one button and it turns on my boost, delay, and maybe another overdrive, etc. Dies something like this exist?
  3. romanianreaper

    I am loving this 5150-III 6l6 50 watt more and more!

    The more I play this amp, the more I'm loving it. Really enjoying it with pedals both on the Green and Blue channels. This amp can just do so many things and so happy with my purchase!!
  4. romanianreaper

    TS-9 Full Size or Mini Tubescreamer?

    Is there a reason to get one over another other than room on a pedalboard?
  5. romanianreaper

    The Decimator G-String kicks ass! My setup

    I just got a Decimator G-String pedal and am really impressed. I have a Sentry noise gate and hate it. The Decimator fixes my pedal noise and 5150-III 6L6 amp noise all at the same time. I plug my guitar directly into "Guitar In" and then plug a cord from "Guitar Out" into all of my pedals...
  6. romanianreaper

    Just got home with EVH 6L6 50 Watt. Huge difference from my EL34 50 watt S!!

    Won't go into all of this to nauseum but for anyone wanting an EVH 5150-III amp, the differences are huge IMO. Here is a brief few notes: Cleans: 6L6 50 watt. Playing "Stairway to Heaven" with reverb and just sounded amazing and inspiring EL34 50 watt "S". Clean is a Marshall clean. Even at...
  7. romanianreaper

    May be moving to EVH 6L6 from EL34 S tomorrow

    Going to try out an EVH 5150-III 50 watt tomorrow (again) but with an open mind now that I understand thr differences. My goal is to have a cleaner Green Channel, more usable Blue Channel across the whole dial, and super gains Red Channel. If I can accomplish this as compared to my EL34 S, I...
  8. romanianreaper

    Finally tried out an EVH Frankenstein...wasn't floored

    Yesterday I called my wife and told her I just got done playing an EVH Frankenstein. She was blown away that I didn't walk into the house with it, lol. Don't get me wrong, it played great. Neck was awesome, looked cool, etc. Kept going out of tune over and over but I'm sure that is because it...
  9. romanianreaper

    Huge gain difference between my 5150-III EL34 S amp and 5150-III 6L6

    It had been awhile since I had plugged into a 5150-III 6L6 amp and today they had one in a local store so I plugged in. On the blue channel, I had to almost dime the gain to equal my amp at 9-10 o'clock. That kind of surprised me because I didn't think it would be that separated. The clean...
  10. romanianreaper

    Can someone explain the "S" in 5150 products? WTF?

    I'm confused as shit and shouldn't be. I have a 5150-III S EL34 combo. I've seen the 100 watt EL34 head has an "S" but not the 50 watt EL34 head. What does this stand for?
  11. romanianreaper

    Tell me about 5150-III stealth vs. 5150-III EL34

    So I have the 5150-III EL-34S combo and I was curious how it would compare with the 50 watt stealth? Here is what I'm wondering about primarily: - How are the cleans, identical? - For "classic" rock tones, which sounds better? - Are the blue channels different? On my amp, the amp seems really...
  12. romanianreaper

    Ltd Hetfield Snakebyte...Indonesia shocker

    I finally saw an Ltd Snakebyte in a local Guitar Center and was able to give it a spin. For sone reason I thought these were made in Korea. It was almost $1400 and I know I'm getting old because that seems a bit expensive for a guitar made in Indonesia. It played pretty good but kept going a bit...
  13. romanianreaper

    Thinking of getting a Ritchie Kotzen Telecaster. Thoughts?

    I've never owned a fact, I've never even played a Telecaster but have friends that swear by them. I really like Strats and my buddy said if I like Strats, I'd really dig one of them. I know the Kotzen one has a thick neck and is heavy. Since I'm a Les Paul fan, I thought it...
  14. romanianreaper

    Well my purchased shows are getting shwacked like last year

    Well, here we go again. I was supposed to see Mac Sabbath in a few weeks and they cancelled the whole tour. KiSS is supposed to be this upcoming Thursday but I'm on "Paul Watch" since ha has COV-19 now. Alice Cooper is in a month and my buddy and I are doing voodoo with chicken bones, hoping the...
  15. romanianreaper

    Don't you just love delayed orders?

    I must just be old or don't pay attention. When I order an item, I guess I assume it is available. Apparently not. I ordered a small Friedman amp and then got a call that I should see it by September. By September I may not even be playing guitar anymore and may be running an antiques store ir...
  16. romanianreaper

    Are Kramer's Marketing Personnel on PCP or mushrooms?

    So, I'm checking put the Sweetwater site and I see the pre-orders for the new Kramer Barettas. IMO, either the marketing folks ingested something, Stevie Wonder chose the colors, or it is thr end of the world. They are absolutely hideous in my opinion. Hate to be negative but they just look...
  17. romanianreaper

    Finally got my Chubtone!

    Curt and the gang did an amazing job on this! We went back and forth on different ideas and finally decided on a German flag with a bit of fading, marks, so it didn't look too "clean". I absolutely love the neck with the roasted Birdseye maple. Just fits the German theme and looks like an old...
  18. romanianreaper

    Stupid question but is there a noise gate for amp hiss?

    I got together with some buds yesterday and my Sentry pedal did a great job of cutting out the guitar noise but there was always this loud hiss from my 5150-III. Is that just there and I have to deal with it or is there anything to get rid of that? It is annoying.
  19. romanianreaper

    Anyone heard from Curt (Chubtone)?

    I have a guitar being built by Curt and scheduled to be done in about a month. We were emailing back and forth a bit a few weeks/months ago but sent two emails over the last week and didn't get anything back. Anyone know if they had to temporarily shut down the shop or did he maybe change email...
  20. romanianreaper

    EVH amp owners or previous own. Can someone explain loop?

    Maybe I'm not understanding correctly but have the EVH foot pedal hooked up to the amp. When I turn up the amp's reverb, the effects loop turns the reverb on and off. Wonderful. When I use the effects loop for my pedal board and hit the effects button on the EVH footswitch, nothing happens...