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  1. danielraible

    SOLD Studio equipment FS: Speck EQF 810 fully parametric equalizer $440

    Perfect condition. Includes HP & LP filters and switchable transformer option. Shipping to CONUS $20, all other please contact for quote. Thank you for looking!
  2. danielraible

    [SOLD] Studio equipment FS: RME Hammerfall DSP AES-32 interface $100

    Just pulled from the computer during an upgrade. Please note these cards require two PCI slots on the motherboard, so to use with a newer PCIe bus you will need an adapter. This provides 16 channels of digital AES I/O to your computer for interfacing with external gear such as effects...
  3. danielraible

    [SOLD] Studio equipment FS: Apogee Electronics Big Ben digital master clock $300

    Great unit as a master clock, and/or as clock distribution across the studio. Only the Big Ben in the rack is for sale. $20 shipping to CONUS, for all others please contact me for a quote. Also free pickup in the Cleveland, OH area. Thank you for your interest!