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    Captor X disconnected and reconnected randomly?

    After I installed the Torpedo Remote and finished all the registering steps and log into it, sometimes, the Remote window would disappear in 1 second, then the red flash showed in the Captor X (8 ohm), after that the Remote window would show again with a very quick validating cabs line just like...
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    Captor X output to audio interface's input (mic, line in or hi-z)?

    First time to use Captor X, and I have a YAMAHA UR-44 audio interface. When I read the manual of Captor X, it doesn't mention which input of the audio interface I should connect to. I do know the output of Captor X is XLR type, but my UR-44 has 4 inputs in the front panel. Inputs 1&2 are...
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    Confused with DynIR cabs and WOS?

    I just bought a Torpedo Captor x and I get confused by the DynIR cabs and WOS. I mean, when I read the page about Torpedo Remote, it shows me DynIR cabs used in the software, and it is designed for Captor x. However, WOS also has virtual cabs, but it seems like cabs in the WOS are not IR based...