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    212rv vs 412rv

    Wondering which I should get. I have a vh4 and vhx and I will be using this in my home basement studio. I like a cab that pushes air that I can feel and I assume the 212 will do it? Is it much louder with the 412?
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    Friedman Be 100 deluxe & metropolous metroplex

    2016 is what I was told when I purchased it. LOCAL SALE PENDINNG!
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    Friedman Be 100 deluxe & metropolous metroplex

    Friedman in mint condition with original box and foot switch. SOLD shipped to continental US Be412 cab mint condition with greenbacks up top and v30s below, 16ohms. SOLD local pickup in Columbus Ohio. Will to make a deal for the full half stack! metroplex in excellent working condition but has...
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    FS: Suhr PT100 SE Head

    mint condition, comes with original box, power cord, footswitch and cable. just deciding to downsize. 2100 Shipped to continental US
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    Diezel Cab, Divided by Thirteen, Yamaha DXR10, Kemper

    Selling a few things: Diezel Cab FL 4x12 with vintage 30s, mint - 750 local pickup in Columbus Ohio or split shipping Divided by 13 LDW 17/39 Head, mint - 1975 shipped to continental US Divided by 13 BTR 23 1x12 Combo with Heritage 30, good condition - 1800 shipped to continental US Yamaha...
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    Friedman Naked serial #004 excellent condition

    Excellent condition. Has the sat switch for the dirty channel. 3800 shipped to continental US. More pictures via email if you need em!
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    My dirty Shirley just powered down in the middle of olaying

    Hi all, just looking to see if anyone has advice as to where to start. I was playing my dirty Shirley, nothing to loud, through a ua ox amp top box and right in the middle it just turned off. Indicator light off and no sound. I checked all connections and wall was good. I gave it a few minutes...
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    FS Mesa Boggie Triple Rectifier Multiwatt

    Second owner, mint condition, barely used by either myself or original owner. comes with footswitch, footswitch cable, power cable and slip cover. 1500 shipped to continental US Sorry no trades. uploading pics as soon as I learn to delete older ones from my media library!
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    FS: Friedman BE-100 Deluxe

    Mint condition, Used in a smoke free pet free home. Comes with original box and footswitch. 3200 shipped to continental US. Located in Columbus Ohio 43215
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    Share your vhx settings!

    Just opened mine tonight and have only touched the surface of what this can do! Just curious if people would be interested in sharing some of their tone settings. Leonardo at Diezel gave me some tips that I’ll share to get this started. If you’re like me you want to get tone of ch2+ Of the...
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    FS: Mesa Triple Crown, Friedman Naked, Diezel Herbert

    Mesa Triple Crown TC-100 Near Mint with foot switch, cable and slip cover - KEEPING Diezel Herbert MK1 with External Bias - SOLD Friedman Naked - rare earlier edition, description below. - sold Very cool amp, very rare, and I had been searching for it for a long time, thinking it would replace...
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    deleted to consolidate a few listings
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    volume cutting in and out on diesel vh4

    I'm assuming this is a power tube issue but I thought id check with the gurus first! The vh4 even in clean volumes the volume cuts in and out, never totally off but very low volume, then cuts back in suddenly and cuts out again. this is after amp has been on and in standby for 10 mins or more...
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    Wtb Mesa tremoverb head

    So my search for my ccv has failed as I font think I realized how pricey that endeavor would be! In turn, however, I’d love to hear if anyone has a Mesa tremoverb head for sale! Message me if you do!
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    WTB Cameron CCV

    I know they're impossible to find but 'm interested....and my name is Cameron it seems a must to get one of em! let me know if you're interested in selling or know of someone who is!
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    Universal Audio Ox Amp Set Top Box

    Mint condition, comes with original box and power cable. No issues functionally or cosmetically. 900 shipped to continental US. Located in Columbus Ohio. Price is Firm. Thanks for looking.
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    Kemper Profiling Amp Toaster - mint

    Mint condition. Comes with topjimi profiles, mBritt profiles, amp factory, tone junkie and tone hammer stuff, more commercial profiles than you’ll ever need! 1400 shipped, located in Columbus Ohio and can meet locally as well.
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    Diezel Big Max SALE PENDING

    Mint condition, bought here on rig talk, just don’t have the time to enjoy it. 1500 shipped to continental US. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Sorry not sure why the back of the chassis pic show up upside down!