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    SUPER COMFY Home monitoring setup thread! What gets you "there?!"

    This current setup with Focal Alpha 80's, an SPL Crimson V3, Yamaha YST-SW150 sub, all on IsoAcoustic stands has me in AUDIO NIRVANA!!! I believe in our current time, place, and circumstance, maintaining a high level of conscious awareness, vitality, enthusiasm and interest is KEY to our...
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    That #1 guitar that you have loved/slaved over the most to develop "your voice."

    Let's post 'em! For me, it's a 1978 (year I was born) Ibanez Studio 100. My dad gave it to me when I was about 16, had been under some Indiana farmer's bed for years or something like that. It came with the V2 pickups, and at the time I was trying to play 311 (note the alien head sticker from...
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    Comfy home studio/bat cave thread.

    Post 'em lads. That blessed plexiglass window gives me 30+ feet between the bookshelf diffusers behind me and the end of my den, which provides a bay window into my back yard. A moonroof over my listening position give me an extra 5' above my 8' ceiling. Still, the Focals' mid woofers are under...
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    Royal Blood is fucking bad ass and you should all know!

    That is all.
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    My mom gave me some Align brand pills, and after a week, I gotta say I feel really good. Better than I've felt since Covid, and I've adapted to that twice now. Any of you tried them? This guy said his product resulted in a 30% adiposity reduction in 3 months. Still waiting on the study...
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    Less ‘tics moar chix.

    I’ll start: She went full lefty for the election. Before the politics, I thought she was the coolest rocker chick. Goddamn politics ruins everything. She looks just like an ex of mine here. The “Love Bites” video broke her spell over me. Grateful for that!
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    Do you own cargo shorts?

    Points if they’re camo and you have an og CFH tour shirt.
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    Nickel strings?

    After hearing Ed played them, I tried them. Fender EVH’s...and man, so musical! I’ve played slinky’s forever, and the bright/edgy highs that cut are kind of harsh. Not so with the pure nickel fenders (d’addario). The treble is more musical sounding, but at the expense of bite. Makes me want...
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    Pete and Dave have done it: The EVH tone vid is must see for ALL!

    Pete gets the VH 1 sound dead ass! String gauge/pure nickel Marshall: pots, caps, NFB resistor Tubes: Sylvania 6CA7's Variac: 89v and biased right Cab: Blackbacks and JBL D-120's Guitars: woods/pickups/magnets FX: Flange, delay, eq, even post-reverb and 1176! If you haven't seen it, prepare...
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    Rick Beato on APC’s Weak & Powerless. MADNESS!

    UJtZJMNhdY4 All killer, no filler. The playing on this track is pure art.
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    Great sesh with Pete/Jenn/Steve today!

    Just wanted to say thanks, that was rad... ...and everyone needs to variac an amp and rebias at least once in their life!!!
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    Mesa 4x12 owners: anyone rewire to series/parallel?

    Just got one, usually hate parallel-series but it’s okay. Going to treat the backboard for standing waves, but hesitant to pull that pretty stock wiring if the difference isn’t huge. Usually go Sound Runner 10 ga. with Aiken wiring immediately...
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    Duplicate - please delete.

    Please delete, duplicate thread.
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    When exactly did Celestion change V30's for the worse?

    I've got two from March '93 and one has the machined VC, the other the die-cast VC. Neither sound as good as my '06 Mesa, which has the machined VC. I've got a '97 V30 that has a machined VC, but it doesn't sound as good either. All have been well broken in. What year/month is the literal...
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    Can we please invite Bob Gjika here to have a forum?

    He build Shawn Lane's amps, and is a true master. Just saying!
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    How long to break in 50oz magnet 75 watt+ Eminence speakers?

    Been pounding some with loud EDM and Meshuggah for about 8 hours a day since Monday. They've opened up considerably, but I fear these may take like 100-300 hours. Anyone ever purposely broken speakers like these in, and if so, how long did it take yours? Thanks!!!
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    Bad caps???

    My amp's gain channel will play fine for a while, then it sounds all thin and the tonestack/master volume quit working. Clean channel is fine. Is this what happens when caps go bad??? It's got those surface mound yellow-box MEB style ones. I replaced one that was faulty with an orange drop and...
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    Rivera M/S do VH tone!

    Yep. 220v instead of 440v on half power. Max the bias, use half power ONLY, and both channels will scream. It's amazing.
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    WTB A/NOS vintage KT77's, singles or a pair like GEC, etc.

    Anyone got any singles or pairs?
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    Adding the wire for Parallel-Series in a 2GBx2V30 4x12

    Like, whoa. Sound is killer series/parallel, which is what your Friedman 4x12's are stock. I added a switch to change it in my custom 4x12, and man, kicks ass for high-gain high-volume riffing. Since the Aiken diagram is what was followed, you basically go from two 16 ohm V30's in series and...