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    How do I cancel my account?

    How do I cancel my account? I looked through the Account Management page and see no options to do this.
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    Is this a counterfeit Duncan TB-4 pickup?

    Bought on Reverb from a shop on Reverb listed as a oem Seymour Duncan TB-4. Just received it and I’m concerned it’s a fake. I’ve never seen a black baseplate and it doesn’t feel like metal. any thoughts here?
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    FSOT - Duncan Pickups (TB-6 Distortion, SHR1-n Hot Rails) - Price Drop Bump

    I have a pair of Duncan Hot Rail SHR-1n pickups (neck/middle, 4 conductor), and a Duncan TB-6 (Distortion... trem spaced... 4 conductor). All are black covers. For the TB-6, I would like to trade outright for a Duncan TB-4 (JB) with all four conductor wires. Ideally the color is black but would...
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    NCD: Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12

    I've been wanting to build or buy one of these for such a long time. Ended up finding a Thiele cab on Guitar Center Used for relatively cheap so jumped on it. Arrived yesterday. Man, what a small (form factor) cab! Haven't cranked it yet but hope to this weekend. My buddy has my EVM 12L in...
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    So, uh... this new (old) Mr. Bungle...

    Slays. Proper thrash shit. Mike Patton - Vocals Trey Spruance - Guitar Scott Ian - Guitar Trevor Dunn - Bass Guitar Dave Lombardo - Drums
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    Looking for pickup recs for a partscaster

    Sup fellas I'm planning out a new HSS partscaster build. Looking at mahogany or black limba with a flame maple top, roasted maple neck w/ ebony fretboard. Rear routed. I'm probably going to put a Gotoh 510 or a Floyd. Any recommendations on what pickup combo to go for? Background: If they...
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    Nerve damage in left index finger - tips? (no pun intended)

    About 7 weeks ago, my left index finger got into a sparring match with my hedge trimmer. The good: -There was no bone/ligament damage. -Blood is flowing to the finger tip and I have normal feeling right on the tip, so I'm able to play single string runs reasonably compared to pre-injury. -It...
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    Used buying and selling: a question about original packaging

    I'm curious your thoughts on this. I have my Line 6 Helix with backpack. I have no intention of selling it any time soon, but I do imaging that at some point in the future, I will want to upgrade to the new state-of-the-art product and, in turn, will sell the Helix at whatever its used market...
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    WTB/WTT: empty TL806/Thiele cabinet

    I have an orphan EVM12L and have always wanted to pair it with the cabinet that's made for it. Does anyone happen to have an empty one? Would be happy to trade two Celestion G12K-100's.
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    PSA - Cherry Hill, NJ Guitar Center ... r-Stack.gc $580+tax for a really solid half stack is not bad at all. Assuming the speakers are stock, that's a VTM-120 on a quad of G12K-85's. Shipping to Chicago is $180, though. That rig is one heavy sumbitch.
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    Any reason a cab would cause sound to cut in/out?

    Had a jam session today. Sound was cutting in and out. Was playing my Sig:X through my Fatbottom 412. Tried different guitars, cables, speaker cables... even tried another head through the cab and had the same issue. Then I tried the one of the heads through another cab and the issue was gone...
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    FS Rocktron Midi Raider SOLD

    I have my Rocktron Midi Raider. I bought it new in 2016, still have the original power supply, manual, and box. I'll include a 7 pin midi cable in case you have a compatible unit. It does have velcro on the bottom after having mounted it to my PT-Pro. I've since gotten a Helix which I can use...
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    FS: Mills Acoustics Mach 212B Local Chicago SOLD

    I'm in CHICAGO, and I don't want to ship this. It's beat up as you can see in the photos, but it sounds like it should. It's loaded with two Vintage 30's (16ohm each, coming out to 8 ohms for the cab). If you want me to install a pair of G12K100's (also 16 ohms each) I can do that. I have amps...
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    Bought it from GC online as a blem used item which allowed negotiating room. Had it shipped directly to Fryette to have the EQ sliders fixed and a general servicing, which included a retube. It's in great condition except for some minimal red paint that somehow ended up on the top of it (should...
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    WTB: VHT FC-2 footswitch for Pittbull UL/CLX

    EDIT: NVM just going to buy it from Fryette.
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    Yet another Chicagoland Craigslist Find! ... 44123.html I only partially post in jest. I've seen people on here rave about the way they actually sound. Doesn't Mailman have one?
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    Fryette Power Load They're packaging and getting them ready to ship now per Twitter. Dave Weiner had a demo video of it back in April and it sounds phenomenal. He primarily ran a UL through it and really showed the flexibility/versatility of the unit...
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    Craigslist Deal Alert - Chicago

    I don't want another amp right now. I think this is probably a really good deal, though. Seriously. IFF it can be verified as legit. ... 90379.html
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    Help me identify these speakers...

    I have a line on a cabinet. I know the speakers on the right, but can't tell the speakers on the left. I think that the top left is a Celestion based on its frame resemblance to the blackbacks, but the bottom left speaker is a complete mystery. Possibly an Eminence Patriot? I don't know if...