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    NAD/NGD - Warning! Marty Bell sparkle finish content.....

    Oh yeah.....! I don't usually post NAD/NGD threads but man did this parts-caster turn out so well. The goal of this guitar was 100% hot-rod strat. I was originally going to make it a HSH configuration but since I don't actually have any SSS guitars I changed it up at the last minute... sure...
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    Ebay alert - Dual channel MOD 100

    Heads up for those that haven't seen this yet... Dual channel MOD 100 on Ebay: Reasonable BIN too.
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    Pimp my Caparison

    I just recently sent both of my Caparisons to Budd Royce Lam of BRL Guitarworks for a complete pimping. Here is a video that Budd did of the completed work on my Trans-Rose Dellinger. 4yEREHSdYR8 I received my Horus back from Budd about a month ago and the difference in playability and the...
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    Motor City Pickups - Solutions and the EG5

    I've been playing this combination a LOT lately and all I can say is HOLY SHIT. :rock: :rock: Signal chain is: ESP horizon with Solutions --> Cusack screamer (turned off with EG5) --> MOD100 with TungSol 5881s --> Bogner OS 2x12 with Vintage 30s. This particular combination just slays. My...
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    WTB - MOD50

    My bro-in-law heard channel A of my Bassman and EG3/4 through his Randall RM50. So now we are on a hunt for a MOD 50 for him. Maybe if Bruce and co. get caught up on their orders he'll pick up a new one but in the meantime we're looking around for a second-hand one. C'mon folks, bring out...
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    Rig pic... my Tower of Terror

    I love looking at other people's rigs so I thought that I would share a pic of my temporary setup while I am building my sound-proof room downstairs.... Modules are typically boosted with Xotic BB+ or cusack screamer or a combination of the two for over-the-top heaviness. Oh yeah, the Laboga...