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    new Journey....thoughts?

    I just saw them in Phoenix with Toto opening the show. Toto was amazing, Schon overplayed on every song. You can play, I get it, but it gets old having him prove it on every song. Band sounded tight, however after about 45 minutes I was done with it. Very manufactured and corporate feeling...
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    So, what do you guys do for a living?

    I am an SVP for a large commercial bank. Just further proof that titles really don't mean anything.
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    Ground Control Pro and G-Major 2 - Weird issue

    Let me do some digging - I haven't had the pedal for a while now. I want to say that it is in the programming of the GCP, and instead of #5, it has a symbol of some type. I will IM you when I find it
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    Ground Control Pro and G-Major 2 - Weird issue

    Hey @Bash_Man - how are you? If I remember correct, the GCP has a kind of Easter egg that allows you to have 5 presets vs. 4 in the 4 presets/Bank with instant access (page 15 of the manual), which is how you have it set up. If you are on preset 2, and step on the 2 switch again, it goes to...
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    Recommend me a floor multi effects system

    I had the TC Electronic G System, the red one. Great unit, ran it 4CM into a Mesa Mark IV. Quiet, transparent, and loved the switching for the amp channels, however to me the sounds of the G Major were just better. Fast forward, I picked up the Fractal FX8 Mark II (with the switching in it)...
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    PRS players, owners, etc. let’s see pics!

    Congrats! Looks amazing
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    NGD - PRS

    Love it! Great top on it. The Floyd Custom Core is my next one. Congrats!
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    PRS players, owners, etc. let’s see pics!

    I have been a PRS fan for years. They just work for me, and fit me well. From left to right, 1993 CE 24, 2000 Custom 24, 1995 Custom 24, 1994 Custom 24, 2006 Custom 24, 1994 CE 22
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    Is the Atomic CLR really worth the price??

    I had the Xitone wedge, and it was great, and loved the flexibility and build quality. The only issue I had was it wouldn't keep up with the pounding drummer I was playing with, so I went to QSC k10.2 on its side like a wedge, and couldn't be happier. I also have the k12.2s for the PA, and my...
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    Acoustic Simulators for Electric?

    @Rick Lee I remember that Test for Echo tour, and thought the same thing about how great that sounded. If I remember correct, he was using PRS and Marshall 6100s that tour - H&K and Fractal came later. I saw that tour twice, and initially thought it was either an acoustic simulator or even...
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    Ground control GCX guru needed.

    Exactly this - guitar in the front, guitar out in the back of the GCX going into loop one - send from loop one to the first preamp, the out from that to the return of loop one, then the out from loop one to the in of loop two and repeat that for all three preamps. The last loop out would go to...
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    I can vouch for Ryan - super good guy with a great taste in gear, and even nicer in person. GLWTS
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    Considering selling the Big Rig

    I have always loved your big rig - such control, so many options, amazing sounds, and let's face it - it looks cool as hell. That said - I ditched all of my rack gear a couple of years ago and went the Fractal route - first the AX8, now the FM3. I did also get the FX8 as I couldn't get rid...
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    Anybody dig the new Greta Van Fleet?

    I agree - I thought the EP was much better than the first "album" - songs were better written with better hooks
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    Anybody dig the new Greta Van Fleet?

    I have found both them and Dirty Honey to be a nice back to basics, straight up rock. I like them both a lot.
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    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    Doing acoustic shows, we had two going at the same time no issues. Pretty much plug and play
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    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    I used it with my Boogie, Fractal, and acoustic - just as good if not better than a cable. No coloring at all
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    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    Yeah... in hindsight... Back on topic, that was the best wireless I used. I had no issues with another band I was with, and the other singer had the same GLX-D that I had, and no issues. Love having the tuner and the battery lasted forever. There were times I would have the tuner display on...
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    Say something bad about the Shure GLXD16 wireless

    I really liked mine, however there was some interference with the wireless Shure mics our singers used that caused theirs to hum. Of course the guitar player always loses out. For the size stages I play, a cord is fine, but I do miss the wireless.
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    Talk me out of the AXE FX III

    I am in the both camp too. I had the AX8, but also picked up the FM3, and there is a noticeable difference. I found myself playing the FM3 constantly, so I did unload a couple of Mesa products I just wasn't using anymore, however I did keep my Mark IV. That will never go anywhere. I also...