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  1. Skrln

    FS: (BELGIUM) Diezel Herbert MKI + Columbus Midi Footswitch

    Diezel Herbert MkI INCLUDING Columbus midi footswitch: Price drop to 1650 (was 1750) The amp and footswitch work absolutely flawlessly. Only some superficial cosmetic wear (see pictures). All power- and preamp tubes were replaced on May 11th 2018. Including checkup of all pots and switches...
  2. Skrln

    Columbus midi cable to Herbert

    I have some questions about midi cable for the Columbus. In the owner's manual it states that a 7pin midi cable is needed, however only 4 pins are used? If so wouldn't a 5 pin cable be sufficient as well? Does the 'footswitch' labeled xlr jack provide the exact same capabilities (including...
  3. Skrln

    Herbert Identification + buying faceplate logo

    I've been eyeing the Herbert since 2009 (that ch2+ :D :D ) and the time may have finally come to bite the bullet. Currently looking at a Herbert With serial number: 001/794 -> Not sure if there's a H or something else at the end. Can anyone provide more info on that? It's a MKI obviously...
  4. Skrln

    Herbert or VH4, how to choose?

    As the title says. How do I make the best informed choice between the 2? I'm located in Belgium and there are no stores that carry Diezel amps. Closest is Musicstore in Köln Germany, but they've never had both at the same time any time I've visited to make a direct comparison. I've been...
  5. Skrln

    How come Herbert is now a lot cheaper than the VH4?

    I've been looking at Diezel for a couple of years and have noticed that a Herbert would be around 3200 euro while a vh4 was around 2800 euro. Now I find new Herberts at around 2400 euro while VH4 runs for 2900 euro. These are all new from dealers. I don't know about second hand prices. What...
  6. Skrln

    What is it with people and their poor judgment in...

    What is it with people and their poor judgment in financial planning. The classifieds are flooded with ads saying they need to let go of gear because of "other financial priorities that have come up". If a one time 1000 or 2000 dollar sale is such a dramatic change in your family's financial...
  7. Skrln

    White VH4 headshell?

    My dealer was able to provide it for me, but it came with the amp. I'd think it would be cheaper for you to just have your black shell retolexed.
  8. Skrln

    Help me on the midi front

    Hey friendly guys of the diezel family. I need some help in understanding midi. The only experience I have with it now is with my H&K Switchblade. It works great, every button on my footswitch can recall any channel on the amp with any EQ. So I could have a 3 different sounding clean channels...
  9. Skrln

    What is the delivery term...

    What would be the delivery term for a brand new Herbert mkII? Let's say I ordered one today, how long would it take? I'm from Belgium, so luckily it wouldn't have to travel half round the world :). Cheers!
  10. Skrln

    New g-system is out. G-System iB Modified

    Here's some info on it: ... dified.asp And here's the tc electronic page for it: How come there was no public release for it? :doh:
  11. Skrln

    So I waited one and a half years for this?!

    And it was so worth it! This is what's inside: And inside of that: I had a custom guitar made inspired by the Ken Lawrence explorer that you all know from James Hetfield. I'm so stoked to finally have it and play it. This is without a doubt the smoothest and fastest playing guitar I've...
  12. Skrln

    I'm a Metallica fan, but I'm a bit sceptical about this

    James hetfield has a signature pickup set... :confused: ... um=twitter lc1FMJvNXCg It's supposed to be the best of passive and active mixed in one. What's next, Signature guitar input jack? :doh:
  13. Skrln

    Velcro carpet suggestion

    Hey all I made this small pedalboard to stick on 3 pedals I have and a powersupply that's underneath the board. I would like to cover the top with a fabric that makes the velcro on the pedals stick. So effectively I need a "carpet like soft side of velcro". I've been looking for it in 13...
  14. Skrln

    Diezel VH4, Marshall JCM800 & Mesa Dual Rectifier

    This is played on a Diezel VH4, Marshall JCM800 and a Mesa Dual Rectifier. Hope you like it. Just got signed on a label, and available to tour in the summer :) The feature single "Rain" was remixed by Beau Hill.
  15. Skrln

    Herbert switchable features

    Hey all I was wondering why it's not possible to switch the Plus/Minus feature on the Herbert ch2 via midi... This really makes me hesitant to get one. Is there a fix possible? On the other hand, can the VH4 Ch2 come close to the Herbert ch2+ mode? I've played both, but as always you never get...
  16. Skrln

    Custom guitar favour

    First of all @mods: If you rather this topic wasn't posted: do delete it, and please excuse me for posting it Hey all. I know I'm kind of new to the forum but I would like to put your kindness at work once again. I'm entered in a contest to design a custom guitar. If I win the contest which...
  17. Skrln

    New vs Used

    I tend to wonder why there is such a huge traffic in second hand diezels. Since they hold their resale value that well, why not just buy it new for not that much more money? Guaranteed no scuffs, no issues, new tubes, warranty etc... Maybe there's something i'm not seeing about it all. Let me...
  18. Skrln

    Diezel Service is awesome.

    That's cool of Diezel. Are those screws so special that they don't have them in a hardware store? 'Cause when they would be generic, it would be even more insane...
  19. Skrln

    Custom Tolex VH4

    Hello all. I'm really considering buying a VH-4 after thoroughly testing one in the Musicstore in Germany a couple of weeks ago. Can't think of anything else anymore. But I was thinking I would really like one in white tolex. Since I want it to match this white orange cab: Is it possible to...