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    Fractal Audio AX8

    This is in great shape, works as it should, and includes Austin Buddy dream pack I bought. Includes power cable, shipped in original box. $875 shipped.
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    So we decided to be creative with pumpkins this year...

    So pleased with how this turned out :)
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    TC Electronic G Force

    I have two of these, and moving away from rack gear. They work as they should, face and display are clean, however there is some rack rash on both of them. One is missing the nut on the input, but doesn't hamper performance. $375 each, $675 both shipped and PayPal.
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    NAD (kind of)

    So I finally pulled the trigger on a Fractal AX8 after debating months about do I or don't I. I own a Mark IV, Triaxis/2:90, and Electra dyne already, so I was on the fence if it could replace them. My wife sent me a picture of the box yesterday (Now what is THIS???), so I couldn't wait to get...
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    How much do you make each year playing your guitar?

    So after the sobering thread of how much you have into your gear and adding up what is in my gear room, I started to wonder how much do you guys actually make annually gigging, recording etc. I have a ton of nice gear, PRS, Boogie, Gibson, Fender, Musicman etc, however I gig exclusively now...
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    Juggernaut cost me two nights sleep!

    After watching the progress of building his new rack, I got the itch to combine my MK IV combo / G major and Triaxis / Intellifex separate setups. Here are the results. I let my neighbor's son borrow the ART and my Ibanez RG 550, and got them back this weekend after about 1 year. For as...