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  1. Inearthed

    Headset Mic for a drummer

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a headset mic for a drummer? The drummer for a project I'm in sings and plays keys in another group and we want to start mic'ing him up for backing vocals since he is a much better singer than everyone else in the band outside of the lead vocalist. We...
  2. Inearthed

    Sweetwater “pending price increases” email

    Anyone else get a notification from their SW rep that they are going to increase their prices soon? Important part of the email was - “we are expecting price increases on many of our brands in the coming weeks. These increases are due to shipping, production, and supply chain issues in the music...
  3. Inearthed

    Musicians Friend - Bogner Ecstasy Blue Overdrive Pedal @ $129 (deal expired) Musicians friend stupid deal of the day has it at $129 + free shipping. Posting it in its own thread in case anyone is interested -- cheapest on reverb is used @ $145 +...
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    Ibanez AZ2402 / AZ242

    Anyone have any experience with the Ibanez Prestige AZ2402 or its lesser version the Premium AZ242? The specs intrigue me and it looks like a lot of people are touting this as a very versatile guitar. Just looking for opinions, if I should avoid, etc... Thanks in advance
  5. Inearthed

    Pedalboards - any recommendations?

    I switched from a two row pedaltrain classic about 5-6 years ago to a singlerow minimalist setup with just three pedals but I’m bringing a BOSS MS-3 into my rig and really could benefit from having the second row. Any recommendations? Not interested in the pay $400+ for a fancy one done by...
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    Atomic Amplifire - anyone still using these?

    Looking at these as a portable & flexible all in one solution for a European rig & fly outs that doesn’t break the bank. Need some opinions on these and I vaguely recall some people on here using them? Thanks in advance.
  8. Inearthed

    Flat Patch Cables for pedalboards - good / bad / junk?

    So I've been seeing videos for the flat patch cables popping up on YouTube, has anyone messed around with these at all yet? Are they garbage or actually decent? My gut is telling me they're likely trash, but I figured I'd ask on here. Saving space on my small Pedaltrain would be be really...
  9. Inearthed

    Bass recommendations?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a $500 or cheaper 4 string bass that can be used for demos and also for practicing? The lady is wanting to play bass again (she mostly plays cello and piano, used to play bass like 8 years ago) and I could use one handy around the house for recording demos...
  10. Inearthed

    Quilter Pro Block 200 $299 @ Musiciansfriend Today ... r-amp-head Price is cheaper than you can get it used on Reverb. Just figured I'd create an actual thread for it since it is a slick deal that multiple people can hop on
  11. Inearthed

    Pickups - Gibson Iommi, SD YJM, SD Hot Rails, DiMarzio YJM

    Gibson Iommi Pickup - $60 Originally was black but the finish started rubbing off when I was cleaning the pickup, so now it is chrome Seymour Duncan SHR-1b Hot Rails - $55 Seymour Duncan YJM Fury Bridge - $45
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    ESP LTD EC-1000 ET w/SKB Case $SOLD Up for grabs I have an ESP LTD EC-1000 with the Evertune bridge. SKB Hardcase included. Both the guitar and case are in great shape - only used at home or for recording. Guitar has a mahogony body with a flamed maple top with a...
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    All gone

    all gone
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    Guitar finish work question - Getting rid of a bunch of dots

    A guitar I got in trade a while back - which was valued lower due to the condition - has a ton of assorted finish dots all over the front face of the guitar which you can see in the light or if you get up close to the guitar. It almost looks like the guitar was sprayed with something and it...
  15. Inearthed

    Gibson Gothic Flying V Pickguard replacement

    I have a Gibson Gothic Flying V that I need a new pickguard for and I'm striking out on finding something specifically labeled for them. Most of the pickguard sites don't even have anything anywhere near similar for the gothic control layout... Closest one I can find is on Pickguard Planet -...
  16. Inearthed

    Demons & Wizards Tour

    The Demons & Wizards tour rolled through Seattle last night and I went up to check it out. D&W was pretty much on fire the whole night, the live lineup is basically two Iced Earth members and three Blind Guardian members. Highly recommended, especially if you’re a fan of the first album - they...
  17. Inearthed

    Schaller M6 Locking Tuners - Gotoh / Hipshot?

    I’m swapping out some heavily worn hardware on a guitar and figured I would get matching black across the board... guitar currently has 3x3 Schaller M6 locking tuners (135 designation) and I’m striking out sourcing a set in black for under $135. Are there any drop in replacements that don’t...
  18. Inearthed

    Opinions on Charvel SD24 Pro Mod, ESP LTD SN-1000HT

    Been on more of a hard tail kick lately... anyone have any experience with either a Charvel Justin Aufdemkampe SD24 Pro Mod ( ... trans-red/) or an ESP LTD SN-1000HT ( ... es-guitars)? Can’t find any reviews online of...
  19. Inearthed

    Original Bass & Drum tracks from early Ozzy material

    Might be old news and everyone is already aware of this but I guess Bob Daisley uploaded the original bass / drum tracks for a handful of songs from the first three Ozzy Osbourne albums. Figured I’d just post the link here for folks to check out and maybe use for jamming over? Enjoy... or don’t...
  20. Inearthed

    ESP E-II Horizon NT - these any good?

    Relevant link - ... fm-nt-dbsb I received a trade offer of one of the above for a guitar I have listed on Craigslist for $900, condition of the offered guitar looks great from the photos, stock pickups, case included. I have one of the older ESP horizon...