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  1. PeteLaramee

    Free To A Good Home...

    Inspired by Mooncobra's giveaway from a few weeks ago...I'm giving away a Carvin WG5 wireless. It only has about an hour of use and works as it should. I guess I'll go with his same parameters so pick a number between 1-2500 and we'll go for a week. The answer is 1234. I believe DanTravis62...
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    Presonus Faderport 16 - $650

  3. PeteLaramee

    New Song

    So...I was recording some guitar for a local guy and he asked me to come up with an acoustic intro to one of his songs. He didn't like it, but I did. I later wrote a song around it in about an hour or two and I recorded a demo over the weekend. Real guitars, but midi keys and bass so far. No...
  4. PeteLaramee

    New Recording Computer Day! Quick Question.

    I just rec'd my new studio computer and I have a question...It has a 1TB SSD and a 2TB SATA...Where do I install what? I assume my documents, pics, etc goes on the SATA and the DAW and plugins go on the SSD, but where does everything else go? Projects? Content? Samples? Any help would be...
  5. PeteLaramee

    Out of the Ordinary Clip for me.

    Last weekend I took a break from my current project to record something I've wanted to for a while. I don't think I've ever posted a cover song before, but here's one... ... D=13998654 Guitars - RG7620 - AX8 Bass - Midi - Roland JV1010 Keys - Midi -...
  6. PeteLaramee

    Help! Neck or Bridge!

    For the past decade or so I've been a bridge pickup guy for lead and melody lines, but I just recorded a clip of each and I can't decide which one I like better. Yes, I still use soundclick. VERY rough mixes...which do you like better? Bridge... ...
  7. PeteLaramee

    I've Been Getting Into Saga Lately!

    Even their older stuff rocks live. I love the tone he's getting out of his Diezel here p3rV-29L6S0
  8. PeteLaramee

    Xitone FRFR ISP Stealth

    I'm getting rid of various things I have sitting around. Pair of Xitone Passive 1x12 FRFR wedge speakers. Both in Excellent + condition (If there are any blemishes on either I can't find them) - $375 each pp'd and shipped UPS Ground. $325 each if I don't have to ship these bastards! I'm...
  9. PeteLaramee

    NCD (Xitone & Headrush)

    I received a few new frfr cabs this week. I got a 2nd Xitone passive cab and a Headrush FRFR-112, both used off ebay. I'm playing these with an AX8. I'm running the two Xitones with a Matrix GT800FX and they sound and feel great. I used to have a CLR and although the CLR sounded a tad...
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    Well...not new. I just put a new neck on an existing guitar and it plays fucking amazing. It's an aftermarket RG7620 body cut to look like an RGD. The trem comes off of a 1998 RG7620 and is in excellent+ condition. I just took this neck off a 2000 RG7420. The frets and headstock are almost...
  11. PeteLaramee

    First Recording With My AX8

    I just recorded a demo for my drummer (brother) to learn. AX8 for all electric guitars. Here's a shortened clip...Yes, I still use soundclick... ... t=songInfo
  12. PeteLaramee

    New Guitar Day!

    Well...newly assembled. RG7620 body w/Lo Pro7 and Neck from Perle Guitars. I had my son help me refinish the body. I still need a cover for the trem cavity. I'm a terrible photographer.
  13. PeteLaramee

    Mooer Radar - SOLD!

  14. PeteLaramee

    TC Electronic G Major 2 - $200

    TC Electronic G Major 2 - Excellent Condition - Still has the plastic screen protector - $200 PP'd and shipped. CONUS Only!
  15. PeteLaramee

    Atomic CLR Passive - GONE!

  16. PeteLaramee

    Carvin DCM200L Power Amp -SOLD!

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