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  1. Mr. Willy

    Covid could be spreading right now and we don’t even know it

    I swear, these people and people like them are addicted to living in fear.
  2. Mr. Willy

    Taylor Hawkins has passed away

    Just saw this. 50 years old.
  3. Mr. Willy

    Got fit over the pandemic? You’re a White Supremacist

    So says MSNBC:
  4. Mr. Willy

    Alex Stein - trolling leftism through satire

    This guy is genius. Modern day Andy Kaufman. Hilarious performance art exposing the absurdity of leftist policy. ricRQzCkpCc VsmfGiBL8JU
  5. Mr. Willy

    Why can’t we produce vacuum tubes in the USA?

    Can someone please explain why we can’t or don’t produce vacuum tubes in the USA anymore? I’ve read about EPA issues in regards to vacuum tube production in the states, but if that’s the case, what happens or what is the cause of the issue as it relates to the process of creating the tube that...
  6. Mr. Willy

    Acoustic guitars: Martin D-28 vs Gibson Southern Jumbo

    Acoustic guys, I need some help. I’m buying a quality acoustic soon. I’ve narrowed it down to a Martin D-28 and a Gibson Southern Jumbo. The issues are this: I love the Gibson scale and I love the look and more “laid back” sound of the Gibson due to the shorter scale. I’m also concerned about...
  7. Mr. Willy

    My 90 yo unvaxxed grandma who has had Covid twice and survived…

    Well, those people who make fun of homeopathic medical remedies can suck it. My 90 year old unvaccinated grandmother has now had Covid twice and survived. She refused to be vaccinated. She’s always had her own homemade remedies for ailments and has largely stayed out of doctors offices and...
  8. Mr. Willy

    Biden Press Conference

    This is his first in months. Train wreck. Sad.
  9. Mr. Willy

    SCOTUS Issues Statement Correcting False NPR Reporting

    I was taught in my liberal arts classes that the “othering” of certain groups of people thereby demonizing them for a political agenda was a bad thing. Seems the ultra liberal (leftist, really) and TAX PAYER FUNDED NPR is attempting to make villains of the unvaccinated, as so many on the left...
  10. Mr. Willy

    Spent Over 1/4 of 1st Term on Vacation

    Biden has spent more time on vacation during his first year in office than the last four presidents combined. Biden spent a total of 101 days on vacation this year. That’s 1/4 his total time on the job on vacation. But, whatever. Trump played golf or some shit. Hope all you guys that voted for...
  11. Mr. Willy

    3 Fingered guitarist tearing it up

    Came across this as I was researching some Tele pickups. Watch this guy. Fu7Gk6hlrps
  12. Mr. Willy

    Video: RCA tube manufacturing (1966)

    This popped up in my YouTube feed. Thought it was interesting. FUMIPvBi8Sk
  13. Mr. Willy

    Nick Menza & Chris Poland

    This popped up in my YouTube feed. Thought it was cool enough to share, for those like me who aren’t aware. Didn’t even know this project was a thing. Very cool jam. Check it out if you haven’t yet. GeCWvkBGZqI
  14. Mr. Willy

    WTB - 2/3 good NOS short plate 12AX7’s

    Taking a shot in the dark here. After 12+ years getting my tubes primarily from one place and after a negative experience with that individual, I want to look elsewhere for some glass. I know several of you have really highly quality 12ax7 stashes. I want to spend no more than $200. I just need...
  15. Mr. Willy

    SLO Channel Bleed

    Amp gurus who know this stuff, is the channel bleed on the SLO actually part of its design? I seem to remember discussion about that at some point around these parts, but I’m not certain. If it is part of the design, what is the purpose? Or does it actually have a purpose?
  16. Mr. Willy

    Jake E. Lee Live at Donnington ‘84

    JEL at the top of his game. It’s nice to hear Ozzy’s catalog without the false harmonic squealing every few bars. Ozzy’s vocals are decent for the first two or three tunes. Revelation Mother Earth is just wicked. Enjoy. Y7WgT3u7TTI
  17. Mr. Willy

    Kid (now 30) on cover of Nevermind album suing Nirvana
  18. Mr. Willy

    Lynch Tearing It Up

    We’ve had a lot of discussions and opinions on George’s performances over the years. Seems Lynch is like a tale of two live guitarists. When he’s off, it’s difficult to listen to. When he’s on, he’s magic. Bad ass. Totally unique. Here he is in a very recent clip rocking a LP Custom, killer tone...
  19. Mr. Willy

    SLO + 6L6/5881 Mix = ???

    I had a problem with a power tube awhile back, so I pulled the problem one and ran 2 5881’s to get me through until I could order another pair of 5881’s. Well, I also have a quad of JJ 6L6 tubes that I’d snagged awhile back to try out in the SLO. I was curious what mixing them would do, so I...
  20. Mr. Willy

    Van Halen + Michael McDonald??

    Apparently Michael McDonald help Van Halen write “I’ll Wait.” I’ve never heard this. Any of you guys? ndddZOmWcWM