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  1. DanTravis62

    @Suhrimmetal is a scholar and a gentleman.

    Bought 2 button koko boost from @suhrimmetal - was listed as excellent but is more like "mint + velcro." Very well packed in original box, would not hesitate to deal with again. Great seller!
  2. DanTravis62

    Hot off the press, more Larry/tonenerd/vented t75 goodness

    Vocalist finished lyrics a couple days ago, mix is still rough but let me know what you think!
  3. DanTravis62

    @a_h_r_m_s and @thegame

    are all great sellers, and you should trust them and send them your money
  4. DanTravis62

    Hello all

    My name is controlled_voltage, and I'm too fucking stupid to spell anything correctly. I believe everything Blue-haired landwhales in mainstream media say on TV, because they remind me of my wife when she's getting blacked by Tyrone. Please keep your children 500ft away from me, I can't get...
  5. DanTravis62

    This NGD took me over 15 years.

    Thanks to @a_h_r_m_s for making a longtime GAS wish become a reality. I was in the middle of fire-saling a bunch of stuff to pay my HC deductible and some stuff that wasn't covered, so I decided to sell some more stuff when this became a possibility. Ever since "Alive in Athens" I've...
  6. DanTravis62

    WTT: My NOS 6V6s for your el34s. (Sold$)

    Sold! I've got 5 Philco 6v6s 2 RCA grey plate 6v6s 2 GE "black smoke" 6v6s 1 Sylvania 6v6 1 Delco 6v6 I know someone around here has to be a deluxe reverb or Princeton guy? Let me know what you got!
  7. DanTravis62

    (sold!) FS Jam Pedals Harmonius Monk

    Need to get some scratch together quickly. Here's a reverb link, if you want to do it that way. If you want to do PPG, I'll give you a discount - 200$ shipped. JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk Tremolo...
  8. DanTravis62

    Welp, found a singer, that means new Larry songs!

    Just like it says in the title, I found a singer I like working with on Fiverr. You may have heard it on Tone Monsters thread, but here's my first track with lorenzo singing. Ill post it here too, just so people can hear larry tones. But i wanted to post the next two tracks the singer is...
  9. DanTravis62

    (SOLD) Drip edge bandmaster and dual showman dick dale 2x15

    Like it says in the description. RCA grey plate power tubes, NOS Telefunken pre's. No pedal for the vibrato channel. Aesthetic condition of the head is good. Cabinet tolex is in poor condition but completely stable (not rotted out or falling apart) Works great, and sounds absolutely...
  10. DanTravis62

    Xmas gift of cool tones - best present ever?

    Man, this Xmas I got two really great gifts - @Racerxrated graciously sold me his old 1960B with vented T75s, and I'm just getting started learning the ins and outs of micing it, and how it interacts with the Larry. In @VESmedic awesome Colossus thread, he very graciously shared his...
  11. DanTravis62

    Racerxrated is a scholar and a gentleman.

    I can't say enough kind things about Mr Flannery. First of all, he patiently answered many of my noob questions regarding the various iterations of 1960 cabs and speakers of the 80s, and he offered to sell (and most importantly) ship me one of his 4x12s. The cost is completely unimportant as...
  12. DanTravis62

    Nigel is great

    Nigel is a scholar, a gentleman, and ships very quickly! ;) Also probably overpacked, considering it was a direct box and not something fragile, but its appreciated all the same. Thanks for the deal on the direct box man! I can finally get around to re-amping the larry for some folks.
  13. DanTravis62

    (another) Original Song (More larry dino/Tonenerd Roxy Content)

    I wrote and recorded this all this weekend! Not as impressive as the last one, but what can you do when you have so little time to make music? british channel, silverburst with roxy, 57/421, v30s, etc
  14. DanTravis62

    Original song (tonenerd roxy/larry dino content)

    Welp, my medical leave finally ends, and I gotta go back to work monday. So for my finale, I spent today writing, recording, and mixing this. No overdrive pedals were used or abused in the making of this. Just a strymon volante on the lead parts. @scottosan makes a great pickup, and I...
  15. DanTravis62

    Slowly dialing in IE tones with the larry.

    For the first time, been making a concerted effort to try and dial in some Schaffer-esque tones with my Dino while I have some time off of work. Gibson Les Paul Standard silverburst, tonenerd roxy bridge pup, no drive pedals, larry dino jm 822 british channel, redplate 4x12 w V30s sm57...
  16. DanTravis62

    Is anyone dumb and basic enough to defend Disney Star Wars still?

    After all that has happened, the massive backlash, how can ANYONE defend the retarded disney-wars movies? Especially discarding the EU and Lucas' proposed treatment for the sequel trilogy. You would have to be just as completely blinded by partisan politics as Kathleen Kennedy to think that...
  17. DanTravis62

    New larry recording

    All the rhythms on this are my larry 822. I think it turned out really good!
  18. DanTravis62

    Paul Gilbert fans: Lets talk about this live performance, and the spirit behind the song.

    So, I've never paid much attention to this song. I've always thought Paul Gilbert was a monster player, no doubt; and a really nice dude to boot after 1996 or so. But his music has always struck me as ultra goofy since Racer X. Sorry, i'm a metal dude. And racer x kills. anyways, this...
  19. DanTravis62

    Recent recordings; Dino 822

    Hey all! Been busy with my day job, and my cover band, so I haven't been able to do a ton, but I wanted to share my last couple of demo tracks with my Larry. There is basically no post EQ on anything - just a boss DD3, a strymon volante, and different guitars....into the larry. Here's the...
  20. DanTravis62

    NAD: Low gain, not exciting

    Got an early silverface* bandmaster and matching piggyback 2x12 for 300$. *As in, still the ab763 blackface era circuit It's not the high gain du jour for rigtalk, but got daym does it sound sexy.