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  1. napalmdeath

    Current Production Fender Strat for Rock/Metal?

    I've been wanting a Strat for awhile.. Several years, actually.. I've tried to scratch that itch with Charvels, Jacksons, and Schecter Super Strats. But, even with coil splitting or 5-way switching, I keep missing something. THAT Strat tone.. I actually LOVED the Schecter Nick Johnston I had...
  2. napalmdeath

    Might be old news, but scammers are rampant on Reverb now..

    I have several items on Reverb, and I've gotten multiple "I'm looking at this for xyz, email them at xyz's address". Fuckheads are everywhere these days. It's #1 reason I don't do Craigslist. All I got "Still available?" 2 word emails, knowing it's some asshole sending his associate to pick up...
  3. napalmdeath

    (SOLD) Jackson Pro Series DK2M Dinky - Upgrades & Case! $599!

    Like new, minus minor hairline neck pocket cracks. *Upgraded Bridge pickup to a TB-5, (JB included). *SS string lock screws, and nut screws. *HD Black Floyd Rose Noiseless trem Springs. *Gator HSC Great player!! $599 PPG plus shipping.
  4. napalmdeath

    (SOLD) Friedman Buxom Boost - AS NEW

    Mint, as-new condition. $140 PPLFF shipped. No trades.
  5. napalmdeath

    headlessdeadguy - Another smooth transaction!

    Great to deal with. Quick to pay, no-nonsense transactions, great communication! 👍
  6. napalmdeath

    NPD!! Fortin Tempest!

    I'll make this one short and sweet... Arrived at 4:30, sold by 8:00. Huge disappointment. I found mud, or thin. No sweet spot, and I spent a couple hours with it. Had no personality, no "feel", it was just bland, and uninspiring. My $58 SD-1 is still king. Could be first batch blues, but the...
  7. napalmdeath

    (SOLD) Marshall JVM205H 50 Watt Head - $899!

    9/10 Condition, with footswitch. 2016 model. $899 PLUS SHIPPING AND FEES.. PPL F&F accepted, but not mandatory. Gets you a better deal, however. Prices on these have gotten crazy, I think this is a good deal. Of course, I always treat my RT peeps right, so PM me if you're interested... Not...
  8. napalmdeath

    Marshall Nerds - What's this JMP worth?

    I generally want to know what you'd sell this for, not what you'd pay, (I know alot of you are lowballers, and/or just get lucky finding deals).. It's a 1978 JMP 2104 50 watt MKII. It's in a newish Sourmash cabinet, has one Blackback, and one Vintage 30. Recently serviced, new tubes, etc.. No...
  9. napalmdeath

    (SOLD) PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut - $500+ in upgrades! STUPID DEAL!

    Excellent condition, with brown Gator/pink-lined hardshell case, ($169 value). Seymour Duncan Custom/Pearly Gates Pickups, ($250+), Kluson Revolution locking tuners, ($125). Gibson Speed knobs, added creme switch tip. All original parts, and gigbag included. 8lbs., 11oz. Trades considered...
  10. napalmdeath

    (SOLD) Fortin Hexdrive

    Fortin Hexdrive - Like New. $185 (SOLD) Wampler EQuator Advanced Equalizer, Like New. $159 (SOLD). No trades. Prefer PPL F&F or add fees.
  11. napalmdeath

    axegod8185 - Great transaction!

    Quick shipper, smooth transaction!
  12. napalmdeath

    Stupid amp descriptions/sayings...

    Some of the shit people come up with, and/or regurgitate baffles me.. "Feels good under the fingers"?? WTF? How does an amp feel good under your fingers? A guitar, maybe, but an amp? "Complex midrange"?? How do mids get complex? They're either there, or not. Are they so complex, they're...
  13. napalmdeath

    Halford is the metal GOAT..

    No contest, for me anyway. There's a lot to choose from, but I thought his Halford band days were his absolute best live vocals ever. Top of his game. They've been my favorite band of all time since my introduction when Unleashed In The East came out. Then, I got British Steel, Screaming for...
  14. napalmdeath

    Volume pedal with best sweep??

    I have a Morley Little Alligator, and the sweep sucks. It's like an old Marshall that goes from zero to holy shit. Anybody have recommendations for a nice, smooth taper throughout? I think I'm going back to pedals, and want a volume pedal in the loop after my FX. The Morley needs to go.
  15. napalmdeath

    Boss GX-100 - Anybody try one?

    I know these are new. I'm in the market for something to replace my trusty, (dated) RP1000...
  16. napalmdeath

    TGP LOL's!! I was going to see if he'd take a Hot Carl and save some cash! 🤣 But,... I'd get bant.
  17. napalmdeath

    (KEEPING) Jackson Pro Series DK2M Dinky w/HSC & Upgrades!

    JB/59 w/5-way, and new Gator HSC. Upgraded Floyd Rose Springs to OG HD Noiseless, (black). Upgraded string lock, and nut screws to Stainless Steel. Mint, with the exception of 2 minor hairline neck pocket cracks. $699
  18. napalmdeath

    FS/FT PRS S2 594 Singlecut - Like new w/New Gator HSC

    Like new condition, with brand new case. Will add cash for a higher end Core Stripped 58 or SC245. Maybe an LP Traditional or Explorer. $1599
  19. napalmdeath

    This is how thrash is done...

    Now granted, 3 or 4 more stellar Havok albums have been released since, this is when they cut their teeth... And Pete Webber? Fagetta 'bout it...
  20. napalmdeath

    New Michael Romeo - Singer is SICK!

    Although the album is same old, same old, this singer is absolutely SICK! A little Jorn, a little Russell Allen, a little Dio, a little Soto, the dude's got some pipes! Dino Jelusick, from Croatia. Guy blows me away - love his aggressive style.