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  1. BeZo

    New Track from my band Undivided

    Sounds great. It sounds like you guys are fro New York. My guess would have been 5150s.
  2. BeZo

    monitors or a small PA rig?

  3. BeZo

    The audio equivalent of the "cinematic look" to video/movies

    Start with the monitoring situation. Monitor placement, foam placement, and speakers. You'll never get it tight if you can't hear it right. Then, it's a 57 and a cheap interface and you're on par with pros. Seriously, even Behringer interfaces are clean enough to get good tones. It's about...
  4. BeZo

    What are you using for a volume boost in the loop?

    I use mine in front, but I do like that pedal.
  5. BeZo

    Metal head on a budget

    You could get a first gen Rivera Knucklehead in that budget. Killer cleans with a built in Ninja boost and the lead channel can do metal without breaking a sweat. Second choice would be a Peavey 5150/6505.
  6. BeZo

    Why no Marshall amplification in the amp section ?

    I don't see Jim Marshall chiming in on his builds any time soon.
  7. BeZo

    What is your favorite chorus pedal that can do 100% Wet and 0% Dry?

    Likewise. I need a Drunk Beaver pedal.
  8. BeZo

    Help installing VST plugin

    I created a "VST Plugins" folder and move all of the VST3 and .dll files in there. When you download new plugins, route them into there. Just make sure the Plugins are in the root of the file and not in subfolders (you can keep the subfolders in there for the text files, licensing, etc.). How...
  9. BeZo

    Cab simulator for live rig?

    Stage volume matters. The point is consistency. Your band should sound like your without the PA and the FOH should reinforce it. The beauty of an IR is that it is a perfect capture every time, not just in the mics and cab, but the environment. You can have the perfect mic placement on stage...
  10. BeZo

    Today I am the Mayor of Hell!!

    HBD. I'm confused though. Is there just one part of Michigan that counts as Hell? I thought Hell was the whole state. (At least Detroit).
  11. BeZo

    Who is using buffers on their pedalboard?

    Don't listen to this guy. Everything is better with a phaser. I say just use a phaser as a buffer. Win win.
  12. BeZo

    Who is using buffers on their pedalboard?

    I use the MXR Buffer mounted under my boards. It does make a difference, and it doesn't take up real estate if it's on the bottom. I do mount it after certain effects, as it doesn't play well with input sensitive effects. For me, that's my auto wah and fuzz. If you run always on effects in...
  13. BeZo

    OD only pedalboard

    Just put a tuner and a gate on either end of the chain and you have the pedalboard for every metal band ever.
  14. BeZo

    Lamb o god Nevermore

    I just want their dummy cab collection. You know how awesome my band would look with those?
  15. BeZo

    This place should be more popular.

    Yeah. Exactly. Keep the woke pussy fucks off here! I specifically use profanity (constructively) to scare them away. Fucking twat nuggets.
  16. BeZo

    Lamb o god Nevermore

    I know they always used Mark Series amps, but they always mixed something with them. They used the Royal Atlantic for a bit there, and Rectifiers. It wouldn't surprise me if a Badlander was mixed in this one as well. I mean, who only uses one amp these days? All the great guitars tones are a...
  17. BeZo

    Need help 4 cable method noise problem

    Here you go.
  18. BeZo

    Lamb o god Nevermore

    It sounds good. It looks like a Rectifier this time around.
  19. BeZo

    Lamb o god Nevermore

    First of all: Fuck all of you for making me do homework. There. I fixed it.
  20. BeZo

    Modding Amp Footswitches

    I got Switchcraft jacks because they are solid. I guess I could have went plastic. I guess I'll have to experiment to see if there us a pop without the LED. I don't want to mess with it if doesn't have one already. Like, the 5150 footswitch has an LED already, so I'll keep that and do the...