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  1. Fiesta Red

    Motor City Pickups -- TWreck

    A member has a set of these for sale. I don't see them on his site. Are these his version of Gibson T-tops?
  2. Fiesta Red

    Mr. Black Supermoon ** SOLD **

    Mr. Black Supermoon -- excellent condition. Comes with original box and packaging $120 includes shipping and paypal Absolutely no trades of any kind. Thank you ** SOLD **
  3. Fiesta Red

    Pariah Pasadena Series humbucker ** SOLD **

    This is the Pariah Pasadena "White" model. I have two of these, and I have a "Black" model replacing it. Trem spaced. This is double parchment, which is the color that fits perfectly for your early 80s guitars. Sounds wonderful. Excellent condition. This color is no longer available due to...
  4. Fiesta Red

    Ibanez Mini TS 808 ** SOLD **

    I am selling my Ibanez mini TS 808. Mint condition. Comes with original box and packaging. $50 shipped and paypalled. ** SOLD ** Absolutely no trades of any kind please
  5. Fiesta Red

    J Rockett Archer ** SOLD **

    I am selling my J Rockett Archer. It is in excellent condition. No velcro. Comes in original box. $135 shipped and paypalled ** SOLD ** Absolutely no trades please
  6. Fiesta Red

    Decibelics Golden Horse ** SOLD **

    I am selling a brand new Decibelics Golden Horse. I bought this right before I received my Golden Royale, so this can go. Never used, never taken out of the box.Rare purple color which is only made a handful a year. Made in 2022 Purple sounds the best -- it's science. Comes with everything...
  7. Fiesta Red

    Are you a vintage Charvel expert? What do you think?
  8. Fiesta Red

    Motor City Second Degree Blackbelt *** SOLD ***

    I have a Motor City Second Degree Blackbelt humbucker that I purchased and never used. SOLD
  9. Fiesta Red

    Seymour Duncan TB-11 Zebra with no logo ** FOUND ONE **

    I'm looking for a Seymour Duncan TB-11 Zebra with no logo. Not interested in anything else. Duncan Floor Production is currently closed. Found one! Thanks
  10. Fiesta Red

    Decibelics Golden Horse ** SOLD **

    I bought this recently, however it arrived the same time as my Golden Royale did. Mint condition. Comes with original packaging ** SOLD **
  11. Fiesta Red

    Chubtone strat ** lower price **

    I am selling my Chubtone strat. I just don't play it enough, and it should go to someone who will. Specs Alder body Angles neck joint Maple neck with rosewood fretboard 12" radius 1 11/16 nut width .800 - .850 neck carve Reverse headstock Jumbo frets Gotoh 510 bridge Seymour Duncan...
  12. Fiesta Red

    Suhr Modern Terra

    I am selling my Suhr Modern Terra. All stock, and all mint. Rarely played. $2800 shipped. Absolutely no trades. Specifications: BODY Body Shape: Modern Body Wood: Basswood with a plain maple top Body Finish: Satin NECK Neck Wood: Maple Fingerboard Wood: Ebony Neck Finish: Satin Neck Back...
  13. Fiesta Red

    New Guitar Day -- Chubtone Star

  14. Fiesta Red

    Is this a USA made Jackson?
  15. Fiesta Red

    Fender Texas Special pickups (set) ** SOLD **

    I have a set of Fender Texas Special pickups. Excellent condition, work perfectly. I can include a set of off-white covers if needed $125 shipped ** SOLD ** Absolutely no trades please
  16. Fiesta Red

    Seymour Duncan pickups. ** SOLD **

    These came stock in a brand new Charvel. They were direct mounts. Duncan TB-10 bridge pickup -- Full Shred, excellent condition. Duncan APH-1N neck pickup -- Alnico Pro II, this has the hex head pole pieces, excellent condition. $60 each shipped and paypalled. Buy them as a set for $100...
  17. Fiesta Red

    The Latest Chubtone Build ** Updated with completed guitar **

    If there is any doubt about whether or not you want one....... The color is yellow pearl
  18. Fiesta Red

    Wilkinson Locking Saddles ** Brand New ** SOLD

    I have a set of Wilkinson Locking Saddles WLS130/S. Brand new, still in the packaging, never used. $100 includes shipping and PayPal. No trades please. SOLD
  19. Fiesta Red

    NGD: Locke Custom Guitars build

    This arrived today and I love how it turned out. I was going for an EVH VH1 inspired version of my own guitar. The Northern Ash body makes the guitar heavy, but not uncomfortable. The body is called "The Frank" on their website, and the neck is "The 78" with some modifications -- 12 inch...
  20. Fiesta Red

    Motor City Blackbelt pickup ** SOLD **

    I have a double cream Motor City Blackbelt. Trem spaced, braided 2 conductor wire. This is the original Blackbelt, not the Blackbelt II. Here's a link to the model on the website $125 shipped. SOLD