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  1. LPMojoGL

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    Been that way for decades, imo.
  2. LPMojoGL

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    It is! No doubt. I feel like Dystopia is up there as a heavy hitter. The Sick, Dying and Dead might be another heavy hitter if this tune represents. I can't wait to grab it!!!
  3. LPMojoGL

    FS: Suhr Modern Terra Desert Sand

    <-------- Love the Suhr Modern I picked up last year. Such a great playing and sounding guitar. I'd be tempted to pick this one up if I didn't have too many guitars already. GLWS!
  4. LPMojoGL

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    Ah! My inner 15 yr old lives on. Lol
  5. LPMojoGL

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    Lucky. You can now go thru the back catalog and enjoy some of the best thrash/metal, ever. Peace Sells, Rust In Piece are good. Dystopia is good. Plenty more...
  6. LPMojoGL

    Schenker's place in the guitar god hierarchy

    I dont know anyone outside of guitar players/forums that knows who MS is.
  7. LPMojoGL

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    Yeah! Like SFSGSW, meets RIP meets Dystopia. I dig it.
  8. LPMojoGL

    Megadeth - We'll Be Back

    Already posted?
  9. LPMojoGL

    Keeley Halo Timmons Delay! 🤩🤩🤩

    I'm wondering how this compares with the Strymon DIG. Obviously, the Halo has tape and analog modes, and presets. My understanding is this is a dual delay pedal that melts into a reverb like wash in the background. I find the DIG does the same thing. Almost like a reverb with some barely...
  10. LPMojoGL

    The best 5150 ever made?

    I've had the original 5150, a 6505+, an original EVH 100w and now have the 50 watt Stealth. I also played the 50 watt EL34 and Iconic a handful of times. The 50s is my fav of those. My understanding is that it sounds nearly identical to the V2 50 watt. Probably could have saved some $, oh...
  11. LPMojoGL

    Washburns Dimebag Signature Guitars

    I was never impressed with them. I'm somewhat surprised to hear they're going for big $. Unobtainium. Drives up prices on all the gear, even those crappy 1 watt Marshalls. :)
  12. LPMojoGL

    Washburns Dimebag Signature Guitars

    I don't see them that often anymore here in DFW. I got to play the camo Trendkill guitar that was on the cover of Guitar World with Zakk n Dime. That was right after the mag came out. Happy memory.
  13. LPMojoGL

    The Ugly amp thread

  14. LPMojoGL

    Soldano mini sounds decent! Leon Todd demo

    They sell for more because they were limited and now unobtainable. The SC20 doesn't need an attenuator. It's plenty quiet in 5 watt mode with effects loop engaged. It's also loud enough to use with a band. I bought a red snakeskin combo for $900, used. I played through all the 1 watters and...
  15. LPMojoGL

    More lows from Marshall JMP 2204?

    I've never had a 2204 that was lacking in the bass dept. 6550s, EL34s, didn't matter. Preamp dialed to the sweet spot, 7.5-9, always had enough low end for me. I have 2 2204s at the moment. Both have plenty of low end, more than the Mesa .50 Caliber Plus and EVH Stealth 50, unless I dial...
  16. LPMojoGL

    Wizard MTL darker than other Wizards?

    I don't consider the 2016 MTL I briefly owned dark. Thick, meaty, articulate. Didn't have the cut of the MC50 I had. Nothing an EQ in the loop couldn't remedy.
  17. LPMojoGL

    Soldano mini sounds decent! Leon Todd demo

    I disagree about those 1 watters. They were way over priced for what they were, imo. They sounded ok, but still needed some volume to sound decent. I'd take a higher watt mv amp, or even a Vox Pathfinder over any of the Marshall 1 watts for the $. These mini ss heads are cool for...
  18. LPMojoGL

    Your #1 guitar

    I used to have a #1. 2002 LP Classic. Named it Mojo. It's the "Mojo" in my forum name. These days, there's no way I could choose just one. My Squier 70s Classic Vibe HSS with scottosan pups sees as much playing time as my Suhr Modern. Neither can take the #1 spot over either of my Gibsons...
  19. LPMojoGL

    Todd, Bishop5150

    :( I was hopeful he was getting better.
  20. LPMojoGL

    All gone: VHT 2150, CAE 3+, Bogner Fish, Demeter TGP, Matchless GPR

    Schwing! I'd love to shootout the Demeter and Fish.