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  1. ElectricVoodoo

    DSL100H anyone mod??

    My DSL100H just sits there and it needs that gain stage along with some added girth. The amp stock is just too glassy. I've had it since 2017 with low hours of playtime. Anyone mod these? New york area???
  2. ElectricVoodoo

    Some SRV tones with the Yamaha

    I'm still on my honeymoon with this thing 😊 Enjoying some SRV
  3. ElectricVoodoo

    Yamaha thr20II wireless

    I think this has got to be my favorite home practice amp of them all, and I've ran through literally a ton of them. My Marshall's sit around waiting to get used unfortunately, but this little thing has good tone in it! Sunday afternoon jamming EVH riffs 😎.
  4. ElectricVoodoo

    EVH Iconic release?

    Didnt they mention it was in Oct?? I'm interested in hearing it.
  5. ElectricVoodoo

    Just pocked up the evh phase 90..

    I had it after my 5150 overdrive and it was overly active, too strong. When I put it before the OD, it sounds glorious. Wondering how you guys prefer yours?
  6. ElectricVoodoo

    Love this 2021 stratocaster !!!

    Very interested in this one for sure!!! Silverburst ???
  7. ElectricVoodoo

    RIP Leslie West

    You know if this year was a person, I swear I'd get an assault charge. Neil, Eddie, Leslie... I always loved his playing. Wow
  8. ElectricVoodoo

    Hey now..
  9. ElectricVoodoo

    EVH price gouging on Ebay

    So this stealth head was purchased from a guy from another guy, from a store who said it was Geoyge Lynch's who said it came in Ed's personal carry case?? And all that equals $12,500...
  10. ElectricVoodoo

    Love the new style forum!

    Its smooth, updated and so much easier to navigate. Good job bro's ?
  11. ElectricVoodoo

    Music from a broken heart

    I barely survived, so instead of ending it, I tried to create music. It is as uncomfortable to listen to as is my current state. So I guess this is how its supposed to sound. 68suOkqCn_E
  12. ElectricVoodoo

    Depressed, inspired, and heartbroken.

    Crushed as we all are over Ed's passing , and my stratocaster was fighting me big time when I was making this video today. I've always struggled with guitar playing and was always in awe at how easy it came to some. A piece of my childhood is gone and as I am about to turn 50 this weekend, I see...
  13. ElectricVoodoo

    YouTube is really starting to

    Annoy me to no end. Ive been patient for the longest with all of their B.S., but the bombardment of ads all over the place in recent weeks is out of control. They seem to be pushing their YT Premium with no ads crap. Man they really suck these days.
  14. ElectricVoodoo

    F/S Seymour Duncan Hot Rails loaded Pearloid Pickguard

    Mint Condition Loaded Hot Rails 11 hole white pearloid pickguard from 920D customs, who do superb work. Push pull pot for coil spliting and 5 way selector switch. ***Reduced*** $180 Shipped 48 states
  15. ElectricVoodoo

    I found this to be a great clip of Evh tone..

    84 tour, MTV contest winner. The audio is so good on Ed guitar. You really can hear how dry it is, imperfect playing and all. I love it!! Just raw guitar. Y4vQkjdPqZs
  16. ElectricVoodoo

    **** SOLD**** F/S Friedman BE OD Deluxe

    I purchased this in May and have hardly used it. Pedal is in mint condition. Priced low to sell quickly!! $145 shipped 48 states.
  17. ElectricVoodoo

    Question please

    I picked up a 10 band eq that I'll use in the loops.. I also will be using an OD in front. With the 4CM, I'm supposed to plug my guitar into the NS2. So my question is, how will I run the OD in front? Will the OD simply be in the 4CM chain and go in between the NS2 and the front?? Sorry, I...
  18. ElectricVoodoo

    Stuck here in NY. Corona jam....

    These are some whacky times we're living in. Even the backing track glitched out on me When in Rome.... fBzeOn_80qU
  19. ElectricVoodoo

    Stuck inside, no work, Randy tribute..

    His solos are always a challenge for me, but I love playing them. RIP RR 3-19-82 LXtbAUdx-Lc
  20. ElectricVoodoo

    Anyone ever experience this?

    I have an 08 hwy strat body, loaded. Got rid of the original neck some years ago. I purchased a deluxe roadhouse neck and put it on. It never 100% played right no matter how I set it up. Fret adjust, neck relief, etc... So I took a 1/4 turn on all the screws to slightly raise it, and it plays...