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  1. Spaceboy

    What are you using for a volume boost in the loop?

    I need something for a few dbs of boost for leads. I was using a 10-band EQ but got tired of the sliders shifting when transporting the board around. I could get a simple Micro Amp but looking to see what's out there that is more interesting or does something I didn't know I needed. I was...
  2. Spaceboy

    How Old are Ya Guys?

    33... fuck, am i the youngest one that still hangs around here?
  3. Spaceboy

    Rant - Rick Beato is a douchecake

    what a weirdo goddamn bump lmao
  4. Spaceboy

    Rant - Rick Beato is a douchecake

    he whines every time a video gets demonetized after he uses copyrighted material
  5. Spaceboy

    best bang for the buck USB audio interface?

    Another difference that could be a consideration is that the DI on the id14 is 500k while on the id22 and id44 is 1meg, which IMO is a pretty significant difference for an instrument DI. If instrument DI is important, I think it could be worth a bit more to get the id22. I had the id14 for...
  6. Spaceboy

    Cab simulator for live rig?

    If you are still having a guitar cab on stage, the Cab M or BluBox will go between the amp and cab, no need to split the signal. Then take signal from the box to the PA. You don’t a load box as long as you have the cab.
  7. Spaceboy

    best bang for the buck USB audio interface?

  8. Spaceboy

    Cab simulator for live rig?

  9. Spaceboy

    Cab simulator for live rig?

    The BluBox isn’t great. For the price I’d look elsewhere. The tone knob could be useful live but the stock IRs leave a bit to be desired compared to other offerings. It’s fairly dummy/proof though, so if you aren’t experienced with IRs or know what you want, I guess it could be a good option...
  10. Spaceboy

    New Fortin TS808

    So he increases the output volume, and added more clipping stages? Yet, most people run the drive at zero and stock already had enough to push the input on any amp, so the output volume doesn't need to 2.5x or whatever.
  11. Spaceboy

    New speakers - 8 or 16 ohms?

    Yes, 8 ohm speakers sound significantly better to me, especially when playing loud. The fact that many 2x12s are loaded with 16 ohm speakers is a major reason I could never bond with 2x12s.
  12. Spaceboy

    So I have 4 Boss SD-1’s

    No SD-1s here… but I have 11 HM-2s lmao
  13. Spaceboy

    Meshuggah gear article for Immutable (EVH) this time

    Is Frederick playing with them on tour?
  14. Spaceboy

    Meshuggah gear article for Immutable (EVH) this time

    This last album's tones were a big boring IMO, maybe leaning away from the 33/TC pre is the reason. That's a bigger part of their sound than the Rectos, tbh. Lundgrens and a TC into almost any modern high gainer is going to get close enough to that sound.
  15. Spaceboy

    Anyone lose out holding a piece of gear for someone to buy?

    Unless I personally know someone, I don't hold shit for anyone. The first person to put my money in my hand/account gets the gear. I've tried to hang onto things and be a good guy, but it's bit me in the ass too many times.
  16. Spaceboy

    BE-OD pedal V1vs V2

    the mid control is essential for this pedal IMO
  17. Spaceboy

    The best 5150 ever made?

    The 50w III master volume is perfectly usable. The older Peavy editions could be touchy, but not impossible to play at reasonable volumes.
  18. Spaceboy

    Went to see Maximum The Hormone yesterday…

    lmao this is not a band i ever thought id see talked about here
  19. Spaceboy

    Keeley Halo Timmons Delay! 🤩🤩🤩

    This thing sounds nuts. I have a major problem with delay pedals... it's the only effect I really use, and I've stockpiled way too many... but I'm probably going to snag this one too...
  20. Spaceboy

    The best 5150 ever made?

    I'll forever love the OG 5150 II.. not the 5150 block letter. The II was better and I will die on that hill. The 50w III blue channel is high on my list too though. I never had the version with concentric pots... was anything changed in it other than the addition of the pots?